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Rumbled Again, Mark, King Of The Manginas

2013/05/08, 09:00:12

Logical fallacy

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Self-styled ‘Child Protection Expert’ and teller of tall tales about Jimmy Savile and Duncroft, Mark Williams-Thomas (MWT), has – I assume in order to be able to pontificate in great detail via any media outlet which will let him – been keeping a beady eye on the trials of Mark Bridger and Stuart Hazell, and today came out with these words of wisdom…

MWT’s argument here is that if you do, watch or indulge in X then Y will happen as night follows day. By the same logic the following statements are true:

>All cannabis users will take harder drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin etc.
>Anyone who has watched pornography will become a rapist.
>Owning a firearm means that one day you will walk into a school and massacre a classroom full of children.

But, since we know that they aren’t, you really do have to be a complete cretin to assert that possessing an image of child abuse (as distasteful as it is) means that you will automatically become a killer of children for kicks."
"King of the Manginas" - Mark Williams-Thomas


May 17, 2013

A Stickler for the Truth?

"The BBC programme Newsnight and its ability to truthfully portray events has been of interest to Raccoonistas for some time now. It is fair to say that we have a distinctly jaundiced view of its agenda.

We formed that opinion back in the days when ‘someone’ mysteriously leaked to a number of journalists that a programme had been suppressed ‘from up on high’ (that old conspiracy chestnut) – the original Meirion Jones ‘story any journalist would want’ on Jimmy Savile. Equally mysteriously, information gleaned for that programme, which was later proved to have been correctly decided by Peter Rippon to have been of a lower standard than you should if not could expect from the BBC, found its way to ITV and the result was the ‘Exposure’ programme made by Mark Williams-Thomas, which thankfully was overlooked for its expected BAFTA award, leaving poor Mark ‘gutted’…"

10:29 PM - 12 May 13

Mark Williams-Thomas

"Whilst I am gutted not to win a @BAFTA I never made the #Savile expose to win awards [right] but to expose him [sic] & effect change [oh, you are doing that alright ;)]."

News-shite, and the perfect storm


London Press Club, Fiction Writers Of The Year, 2013

22 May 2013

Spiked Newsnight Savile story is joint winner of London Press Club scoop prize 

"BBC Newsnight's spiked Jimmy Savile child abuse story was today named joint winner of the scoop of the year at the London Press Club. Liz MacKean and Meirion Jones picked up the prize alongside freelance Miles Goslett, whose story was published in The Oldie magazine after being turned down by seven nationals, and Mark Williams-Thomas, who broke the story in the mainstream media for ITV."

Wednesday, May 22 2013, 20:51 BST

'Newsnight' journalists win top award [sic] for axed Jimmy Savile report

"Two Newsnight journalists have taken home a top award for their shelved report on disgraced [?] presenter Jimmy Savile.

Liz Mackean and Meirion Jones, alongside two other journalists, won 'Scoop of the Year' at the London Press Club Awards.

Mackean and Jones worked on the programme's Savile investigation, which failed to air in December 2011 after then-Newsnight editor Peter Rippon chose not to run the story of Savile's historic sexual abuse of children [the what?].

Miles Goslett and Mark Williams-Thomas also shared the award, reports The Guardian.

BBC Newsnight journalists win award for spiked Jimmy Savile investigation

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