Friday, 24 May 2013

Same Old Quotes, Same Old Lack Of Evidence

May 24, 2013

Most child sex offenders have multiple victims

"An astounding [sic] 93 per cent of child sex offenders [sic] have more than one victim, while 23 per cent abuse 10 or more children, psychologist Sandra Ifrah told parents attending workshops on ‘Parenting Safe Children’ held recently in Melbourne.

Presenter Sandra Ifrah and events coordinator Lauren Gabrie

The workshops were run by Tzedek (Hebrew for Justice), Australia’s only dedicated advocacy and support group for Jewish victims/survivors of child sexual abuse, in conjunction with CASA, Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault.

These statistics [sic] underscore the importance of reporting all cases of child sexual abuse to the police as abusers are extremely likely [sic] to repeat their crimes and/or to have abused other children in the past. “The seven per cent with only one victim is mainly because they got caught the first time,” Ms Ifrah said.

Studies [which?] have found that approximately one in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted before they turn 18, with a quarter of all victims aged under nine and 37 per cent aged 9-12. Eighty per cent of offenders are known to victims – a family member, family friend or other person of trust – and they are of all ages, academic levels and socio-economic statuses. Many [sic] are charismatic and seek out employment and activities that provide them with easy access to children, Ms Ifrah said. The over-whelming majority (98 per cent) are male but it is important to note that some abusers are female. Up to 50 per cent are minors, under the age of 18"


Parenting Safe Children Workshop

Workshops on safety for children

Parenting Safe Children

"Sandra Ifrah is a Registered Psychologist and holds a Masters Degree in Educational and Developmental psychology. She is currently employed at the Centre against Sexual Assault, specializing in working with children and adolescent survivors of sexual abuse."

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