Wednesday, 15 May 2013

"Ensure That The Highest Ethical Standards Are Maintained" - You Mean, Such As, Calling A Complaint A Crime?

14 May 2013

ACPO comment on crime data recording

"A long-term reduction in police recorded crime is closely aligned to a downward trend in the independently compiled British Crime Survey.

ACPO lead on crime statistics, Deputy Chief Constable Jeff Farrar said:

“The UK is regarded as having one of the most rigorous crime recording regimes in the world. The Service works hard to ensure that our data is as robust as it can be - we have to remain vigilant on the issue as anything less may impact on public confidence in police."

“There are clear standards in place for recording crime data both from ACPO and the Home Office which forces must comply with, and dedicated crime recording officers in each force oversee this process to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained.""

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