Friday, 31 May 2013

The Global, Hysterical, Persecution Continues (3) - Collation

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Married pervert put on sex offenders' register after using iPad to peep at sisters trying on bikinis in changing room

Sex offender to be released in Darlington area

Dover Council moves to settle sex offender lawsuit

Teen sex offender off to prison

Troopers Say Children Living In Squalor At Sex Offender's Home

Two sex offenders to move temporarily into same Mt. Pleasant neighborhood

Four Caledonia sex offenders found in violation of sex offender ordinance

Avella sex offender bill gets third shot

Searching for sexual predators online


Police: Sex offender compliant, legally changed name

Suffolk County Legislator Jay Schneiderman Announces Sex Offender Trailers Have Been Closed

Movement On Bills to Close Sex Offender "Loophole"

Litchfield fire victim was registered sex offender

TV camera crew chases alleged sex offender teacher through the streets: KHOU reports on the run

Google must obey FBI's warrantless requests for user data for now, judge rules


Pedophiles prepare "how to" guides and share tips on the web 

Judge rules she cannot oust Albemarle supervisor

Sex offenders clustered in city’s core

Sex trafficking bill gets unanimous OK, goes to governor

Elizabeth Hovde: Shouldn't buying sex with children be a felony?


Updated Registered Offender Map and Relocations

Convicted pedophile raises surrogate daughter,7340,L-4387303,00.html

Ventura County man's sexual battery conviction thrown out

Mo. lawmakers move to toughen sexual violence laws

Oshkosh Sex Offender Released

Disturbing sexting case backs call for new laws

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