Thursday, 23 May 2013

There Is More Than One Valuable Lesson, To Be Learned, Here

 Damaged And Disillusioned, Bankbuster Terry

"Terry's problems began when he assaulted a paedophile [sic] who took him to court on legal aid and won the case plus his costs which Terry paid, leaving the balance of the paedo's [sic] solicitors "top-up costs". Terry's house was put up for sale to cover the "top-up" costs after his family were evicted."

5th March 2011 at 15:35:PM.

Terry Armstrong -V- American express services

"MY STORY: I discovered a paedophile [sic] in my family and attacked him, he took me to court and won plus legal costs. It was this action that lost my son his house that the paedophile [sic] lived in and in addition separately lost me the family home. The paedophile [sic - 'Uncle H'] died on 24th December 2010. The legal saga has been spread over 9 years and for more information please check out."

Terry Armstrong

Terry Armstrong

Terry Armstrong


Sweet Revenge

Triple A Multi Media Group

Hussey [oh, the irony]




Not your's Terry, you thug.

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