Saturday, 25 May 2013

It Seems Stinson Has Still Not Learned 


At least one death is not enough for Stinson. 

Almost every time Stinson walks out of the door, he should be arrested for Prevention of Breach of the Peace (at least); again, and again, and again ...

We have informed Warwickshire police, as such, so they are also partially-culpable, for any outcomes.

The OSC 



Stinson Hunter - Cyber Hero or Reckless Vigilante? 

"Just as many seem to disagree, saying that his tactics prejudice any future criminal proceedings. There is also a feeling that Stinson is more motivated by the notoriety he is gaining than protecting children. Is it morally right for a grown man, with no legal training, to act as bait in a honey trap that will invariably ruin another person's life?"

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