Monday, 20 May 2013

Yawn - Anonymous Again

08:00 Monday 20 May 2013

Group to help victims of sexual abuse goes online

"A RAPE victim has set up an online group to help people who have suffered at the hands of sex offenders.

The South Derbyshire woman, who was raped by KJW, says the Facebook group offers helplines for victims to call and advice for parents on how to keep their children safe online.

In 1999, KJW was found guilty on five charges of rape and two of indecent assaults against the woman when she was aged between eight and 15.

In March, the Mail reported that W could be released on parole in the summer after serving just 14 years.

His victim, now 42, told the Mail she set up the group after being contacted by other victims of sex offenders."

{Communities Awareness About Paedophiles} [sic] East Midlands

"Closed Group

This is a group based in the east Midlands started by a Victim who feels OUR RIGHTS AS THE INNOCENT should supersede those of evil people whom commit crimes against CHILDREN, started only to raise awareness of official facts that are available in the public domain, we are NON VIOLENT & not vigilantes but we publish ONLY THE Facts pertaining to these evil MONSTERS when the general public are those at risk AND NO-ONE ELSE WILL ENSURE YOUR INFORMED~ anyone publishing unofficial factless material will be removed this is not a slur campaign!.. its factual publically available information being shared through communities for those who do not have time to search themselves~ SO WE CAN MAKE INFORMED CHOICES TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! Paedophiles [sic] and Child Murderers rights should NOT supersede those of their VICTIMS in a JUST WORLD ~ PLEASE DO NOT JOIN TO POST HATE COMMENTS OR THREATS AS YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED... we are complying with facebook rules and subject police monitoring... this is purely to raise awareness, thank you~"

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