Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Hypocrisy And Lies Astound, Even Now

The FBI, that is

5/28/13 at 8:43 AM

FBI Distributes Child Porn as Part of Unusual [sic] Sting to Identify Users in Washington State

"The FBI has disseminated child porn as part of a controversial, unorthodox [hardly, they do it all the time, and have done so, for years] sting in western Washington state.

After seizing a child pornography service last year, Nebraska-based agents decided to continue operating the service to catch users, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reports.

According to the newspaper, the bureau kept the service open for about two weeks in hopes of nabbing more than 5,000 customers who distribute the images of child being raped and abused.

It’s unclear whether the FBI has ever dealt child pornography as part of an investigation [oh, they will have - at the very least, they have downloaded and viewed it].

The investigation is in its infancy and has not yet resulted in an arrest, the Intelligencer reported.

“This remains an ongoing investigation, and local court rules and Department of Justice policy prohibit me from providing more information at this time,” said Sandy Breault, spokeswoman for the FBI Omaha Division. “As in any given matter, if charges are filed, they will eventually become a matter of public record. [good]”"


Updated 10:02 am, Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FBI shared child porn to nab pedophiles [sic]; Washington home raided

"The FBI seized and ran a child pornography service [sic] late last year as investigators worked to identify its customers [sic], one Western Washington man allegedly among them."

"Images endure despite prosecutions

In what has become a disturbing legal cliché, federal prosecutors often assert that each time an image of rape or molestation is shared, the child [sic] is abused again [sic, the 'child' no longer exists].

That was among the arguments offered by Special Assistant [in a 'Special' way] U.S. Attorney Marci Ellsworth last year when she sent a Seattle child molester to federal prison for child pornography crimes unrelated to the Nebraska investigation.

Ellsworth opined [incorrectly] that Pinson’s crimes were not, as the child pornography consumers [sic] sometimes argue, “victimless.” [see the charge sheets]

“Distributing of child pornography – images [indeed] and videos [indeed] of real children [you see, that is where it all falls down] experiencing the worst moments of their young lives [sic] – is not a ‘victimless’ crime [see the charge sheets], and the heinous nature [sic] of this offense should never be diminished by referring to it as ‘just pictures,’ [which is exactly what they are]” Ellsworth told the court. “The children portrayed … suffer real and permanent damage [do they - evidence, please, Marci], for the rest of their lives [ditto], each and every time their exploitation is shared over the Internet [the absolutely, faulty logic and reality, behind this claim, is too ridiculous to even bother counteracting].”

One of those children [sic] – a girl [that will be the adult female 'Vicky', one the FBI's two 'poster girls', who they and others seem to love to exploit] whose father shared images of her being abused that has since become widely shared online – put it more bluntly in a statement to the court filed last year.

“I wish I could feel completely safe, but as long as these images are out there, I never will,” she said in a victim impact statement. [which, merely confirms, that the woman - if she truly believes it - is suffering from severe cognitive distortion, at the very least]

“Every time they are downloaded, I am exploited again [even by the FBI, 'Vicky'?], my privacy is breached [hahahahah, bless], and my life feels less and less safe,” she continued. “I will never be able to have control over who sees me raped as a child [they are not seeing 'you', the images were never 'you' and never will be]. It’s all out there for the world to see and it can never be removed from the internet. [well, not exactly true, but OK - why are your images so different, from millions of other, quite legal, but disturbing - to some, images?]” [as we say, severe cognitive distortion, at the very least, of which those who continue to exploit 'Vicky', and feed her distortions, should be thoroughly ashamed]

Efforts to interview a Seattle attorney representing her were unsuccessful prior to the holiday weekend. Staff at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children was also unavailable to discuss the issues surrounding the investigation [is it nice weather, over there?]."



Omaha website trafficked in child porn for three years


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