Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Little More We Can Say - "Trapped"

"Trap ... our man Stinson Hunter poses as girl" -  Nick Francis, The Sun, 2013


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Stinson, we could post pictures, of the tragic Mr S, just to remind you (and your idiot thralls and profit-mongers) of your 'work' and what it has led to. With a little more effort, we could tell you about his family and all the good he has done (and would do) for society.

This was only a matter of time.

You have no understanding of the psychology of these situations and issues. That is because you are a clueless amateur.

You let your personal agenda, and need for personal fame and profit, override your humanity and judgement.

Now you (and yours) have to live with it - forever; good luck with that.


Our sincere condolences, to Mr S's family and friends.



Addendum (13:04)

Fraudulent, Lying, Harassing, Inciting, Dangerous, Vigilantes

It Will All Be Too Late, When The Penny Drops, For Stinson



Part of the transcript, from the YouTube video, 'Teacher Caught Attempting to Meet a 15 Year Old Girl [sic] For Sex In Birmingham' ...

S: You do realise when the school finds out you're gonna be suspended, there'll be an investigation.

P: Yes, yeah.

S: You've ruined your life for a bit of excitement. Is it worth it?

P: No. Officer, can we stop, please. I wanna got to the toilet and you can escort me, obviously you're gonna escort me, but can we do this somewhere quieter?

S: Where would you suggest?

P: I don't know. Can you show me your warrant card please?

S: We aren't police, we never said we were police.

P: So what are you?

S: Journalists sir.

P: In that case you can't arrest me can you?

S: No, and we can't stop you from walking away, but we are in a public area so we can film and take photographs.

P: OK I'm going then.

1:00pm Monday 4th March 2013

Former Accrington supply teacher charged with grooming after newspaper sting operation

"A SUPPLY teacher from Accrington has been charged with a grooming offence after a sting operation by a national newspaper.

DS, a former design technology assistant subject leader, who used to work at the Hollins Technology College, Accrington, was arrested when police acted on information provided to them by The Sun newspaper.

The 48-year-old, of [redacted], Accrington, was charged with attempting to meet a girl under the age 16 following grooming.

He appeared before Blackburn magistrates on Saturday and was remanded in custody.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “The Sun contacted us and gave us the information.""


Published: 02nd March 2013

'Paedo’ [sic] Sir held after Sun sting

"Cops swoop over 'grooming' of a schoolgirl [sic]"


Nonce Hunters


British Patriots Society 



Nick Francis


Nick Francis 



Addendum (16/5/13)

Stinson Hunter




Were you referring to Mr S, Stinson?

Addendum (27/5/13; 16:52)


Fear? Harm? Death? Suicide? ... all just The Lulz, for Stinson Hunter.


An image of Stinson's hand:

Any details, always welcome - email top right.

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