Saturday, 11 May 2013

Oh My, What Has Happened?

10:48 am

Addendum (15/5/13)

ca. 15/5/13


"The police claim that because some random stranger (not my doctor or a relative) called them and claimed that I had threatened to commit suicide on my twitter feed… and despite the fact that this was not supported by any actual evidence …this entitled them to ignore all established protocol and remove my rights as a valid and credible person in my own right… and treat me like I was a dangerous mental health patient.

Me and my family are currently grieving a suicide, but we are not suicidal… nor would I ever consider leaving my family in such a way… nor would I post about such a subject in that way on twitter! Have you lost your senses? What right do you have to assume I have lost mine.

The police had no rights to undermine my mental health credibility in such an abusive appallingly prejudice and aggressive way (certainly not on an unsupported hoax call) they had no right to force me to ‘bring in’ two adults to speak for me … what if I could not find two adults to speak for me that night?"


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