Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Another Clueless Newbie - Natalie Wild

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Courts are urged to get tough on paedophiles [sic]

"A CONCERNED young woman [putting it kindly] has started a campaign to get harsher sentences for convicted paedophiles. [sic]

Natalie Wild, 20 [20 - say no more], of Knowle Park, has set up an on-line petition after researching [sic] what she sees as too many lenient sentences across the country for people who sexually abuse children.

If the petition directed at the Ministry of Justice reaches 100,000 signatures, it will be debated by MPs in parliament.

Natalie, who studied law [20] but works for the NHS, told the Bristol Post: "After a lot of research [sic] and following a lot of cases [sic], you can clearly see the sentences given for the crimes committed are nowhere near the maximum sentences allowed by the relevant legislation [and?], and therefore that needs to change [why?].

"Without the support of many people across the country this cannot happen. We have set up an online petition, and, with the public's support, we are hoping to reach the target signatures and present it before parliament for debate."

The petition, supported by several of Miss Wild's friends [10, presently], also raises concerns about whether checks on Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPO) after release from prison are thorough enough.

Miss Wild said she once knew of a man [hearsay] who lived at a house he should not have under a SOPO, while pretending to police he was living somewhere else [really? Did you report him?].

Her petition claims: "Many [sic] convicted paedophiles [sic, no it does not] are either getting up to no good upon release [!!!???], or simply their whereabouts is not known, thus breaking the order."

Let 'em near a computer, and, bam !!! 

Go knock yourselves out ...

e-petition: Call for higher sentences to be implemented on pedophiles [sic, sic]

"Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

The sentences passed on sexual crimes against children are often no where near the maximum sentence that can be passed, meaning that in thousands of cases pedophiles [sic, sic] are getting off quite lightly considering their crimes. And with SOPO (sexual offences prevention order) checks after release not being thorough enough many convicted pedophiles [sic, sic] are either getting up-to no good upon release, or simply their where abouts is not known, thus breaking the order. This petition after reaching a minimum of 10,000 signatures will be presented to parliament in hope that they will discuss the issue and perhaps act upon it. All support is greatly appreciated."

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