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When Judges Talk Rubbish - Time To Start Collating These Dangerous Gems Of 'Disinformation'

 More a list of ignorant, dangerous, line-towing, buffoons, really


15 May 2013 Updated: 15/05 08:06

Man jailed over "repellent" abuse images

"It is all about you, and nothing at all about those many children who were grossly [sic] sexually abused by others whose revolting conduct you have participated in [proximity] by the downloading [indeed] of this material and making it available to others.”- Judge Alan Parker


20th June 2013

Pervert [offensive and inflammatory] is jailed for viewing child abuse pictures [sic]

"Recorder Tim Mousley QC said: ‘It is not just a case of downloading these images for your own gratification, it goes much further than that [no, that is as far as it goes - period]

‘These are never victimless crimes. They represent [weasel word] exploitation of young children of the most grievous kind [sic] which no doubt [sic] has a devastating effect of their young minds. [sic]’

He added: ‘Because of the quantity, the breadth and the age of the victims, a custodial sentence has to be served.’" - Recorder Tim Mousley QC


PUBLISHED: 13:16, 11 July 2013 | UPDATED: 15:07, 11 July 2013

Paedophile [sic], 51, who amassed child porn collection so horrific judge couldn't bear to look at it all is still SPARED prison 

"T admitted 11 counts of downloading and sharing the pictures and videos after police raided his home in April last year. The judge said that what he did was not a victimless crime.

Judge Kusher told him: ‘You must be aware the subjects of these images are not indifferent to what is happening to you [none of their business].

The public must be made aware of just how infectious [!] this material is.’" - Judge Lindsey Kushner


5:00am Thursday 4th July 2013

Judge explains sentencing constraints as Stockton paedophile [sic] avoids prison 

"I hope that the sex offender [sic] treatment [sic] programme will give you an insight into the appalling abuse that some of these kids suffer.

"The longer people in this country download and view these images, the longer this unhealthy appetite [sic] will grow and more children will be abused day in and day [proximity and process] out in this country and other parts of the world.

"I know you are not doing the abusing [indeed], but your interest feeds [sic] the people who make money [sic] out of this." - Judge Peter Bowers

Teacher AN jailed over 'dreadful' child abuse images [sic]

"This is not a victimless crime. Each and every one [sic] of these children has suffered abuse, in some cases absolutely horrific [sic] abuse, and the physical and emotional damage [sic] they have suffered is difficult to imagine [sic]." - Sheriff Margaret Neilson

"He was convicted of viewing and distributing images of children who have suffered the most horrific abuse [sic]. He now has to face the consequences of his abhorrent actions." - Det Insp Richie Guild


CA's naked children phone photos 'generally innocent' 

"Sheriff Lindsay Foulis ruled that A had indirectly abused [sic] the children [sic]."

"Public forum

"The abuse [not illegal] of the victims in a large number of the images here is that the photographs are being placed on a public forum for viewing by persons such as [?] yourself," he said.

"That is the abuse which is the nub of the issue in this particular instance, but in all the circumstances I consider this to be at the lower end of the scale."" - Sheriff Lindsay Foulis


6 September 2013 Last updated at 19:57

Star Trek fan AA jailed for child porn offences

"In sentencing A, Judge Philip Head said: "Without people like you accessing such material there would be no market [logic fail] and poor, desperate children [sic] would not be treated that way by depraved people. [really, no 'CSA'? - wow]

"You have no real regret save for being caught."

He added: "This kind of sentence is what to expect if you are caught behaving this way at the expense [proximity, even if there was any] of traumatised, brutalised children [sic]."" - Judge Philip Head


Published date: 11 December 2013

Dangerous [sic] paedophile [sic] jailed

"A PAEDOPHILE [sic], who poses a “significant risk of serious sexual harm to others” [sic], has been jailed.

SFM, 60, of Four Crosses, was sentenced to 16 months in prison and 32 months on extended licence after admitting possessing indecent pictures of children.

Judge Rowlands said: “It is not a victimless crime.

“If it were not for the likes of you, children would not be abused [sic] and suffer very serious harm [sic] – contributed to by the likes of you [sic].

“I bear in mind and accept that you accept still having sexual fantasies about harming children.

“You pose a significant risk of harm serious harm of a sexual nature to others in the future. [sic]”"- Judge Rhys Rowlands

March 3, 2014 10:59 am

Pervert avoids jail to have treatment

“Possession of images such as these is a serious offence [in law] because, in their making [you see, nothing to do with the possession], young children are seriously abused [sic] in a way that will undoubtedly [sic] affect their lives and those who access [police/IWF too?] the material ensure [sic] that more children are abused in the same way [sic].” - Judge Michael Dudley


2:51pm, Mon 26 May 2014

Serving officer who distributed child sex abuse images through online chatrooms is jailed

"Judge Sylvia de Bertodano refused a request to suspend his sentence.

 She said:

"These are pictures of real children [sure?] – real children [sure?] who are being abused [and?] while someone takes pictures [and?].

Anyone possessing or distributing those images is contributing in a very real way to the continuing abuse of very young children." - Judge Sylvia de Bertodano


Updated 10:00am Tuesday 8th July 2014 

Pervert [offensive and inflammatory] jailed thanks to change in law [not]

"In a separate case later, the same judge told another paedophile [sic]: "There appears to be a thought about that these are victimless offences - but they are not. [any names on the charge sheets?]

"Every image [sic] that is downloaded involves the exploitation or corruption [?] of a child. [an image is not a person] Some are very young, and their lives are damaged and blighted permanently." [evidence?]

Judge Peter Bowers told former coach driver C: "It is quite clear from your history that you continue to have an unhealthy interest [sexuality is not unhealthy] in young girls." - Judge Peter Bowers


24 July 2014 Last updated at 15:21

Elvis impersonator LF jailed over child sex images [no, IIOC]

"He told the court he was "appalled and disgusted" at his behaviour but Judge Andrew Hatton said significant numbers of young children had endured abuse [weasel word] and degradation [weasel word] for his sexual gratification [not illegal]." [except, of course, Mr F had nothing to do with that, whatsoever, directly, nor indirectly] - Judge Andrew Hatton

Paedo [sic] Elvis impersonator raped me for years [not a P, then !!!] - and even killed our pets 

"Judge Andrew Hatton told him he had “compounded the abuse suffered by those children [no, Mr F has no connection to those 'children' and vice versa]” by distributing pictures so other ­paedophiles [sic] could get sexual gratification from them [not illegal]. - Judge Andrew Hatton


6:57PM BST 05 Aug 2014

Kate Nash's former music teacher jailed for child abuse [sic]

"Judge Andrew Goymer, at Southwark Crown Court, said it was a "staggering number of images… of the most loathsome variety".

He added: “This defendant either did not appreciate or did not care about the harm he was doing [none] because he was more interested in his pornography obsession and downloading these images.

"This is not a harmless hobby [it is] like stamp collecting [stamp collecting involves money] and it is not a victimless offence. [it is, in terms of the charged person - evidently]

"Time and again I have [why?] to make the observation [who is making you tell lies?] that somewhere in the world a child is being abused and violated by someone to satisfy the depraved tastes of those who download these images. [incorrect - see above]" - Judge Andrew Goymer


23rd July, 2014

One million child porn images [sic] found on Leeds pervert’s [offensive and inflammatory] computers

"Judge Christopher Batty said: “You need to understand that what these little boys and little girls go through is utterly horrific. [hardly any, in the acts, which are depicted, in those images - of course, the owner of those images had nothing to do, with those acts.]

“One cannot possibly image the pain and the suffering they endure. [ditto] All so people like you can get sexual gratification from them.” [incorrect and ignorant - BTW, sexual gratification is not illegal] - Judge Christopher Batty


First published Thursday 4 September 2014; Last updated 11:09 Thursday 4 September 2014

Paedophile [sic] blames Gary Glitter for interest in child abuse images [sic]

"Judge Hatton told him: “It is clear you have an unhealthy interest [sic] in pre-pubescent children. Not only did you view images you also distributed to others with similar interests.

“Significant numbers of children suffer abuse to provide sexual gratification for people such as you [proximity]. Distribution to other paedophiles, for that is what you are [incorrect, offensive to Paedophiles and disablist], compounds that abuse." [sic] - Judge Andrew Hatton


2014-10-19 20:20 BST

U.K. Man Sentenced for Prohibited Images of 'Manga' Children [sic]

"Judge Tony Briggs told Hoque in court after his most recent conviction, "You are an intelligent man. You certainly should have been aware of the risk of indulging in accessing this material, and you acknowledge your foolishness and guilt.

This is material that clearly society and the public can well do without. [judges are now our censors]  Its danger [sic] is that it obviously portrays [yes] sexual activity with children [and elves and fairies], and the more it's portrayed, the more the ill-disposed may think it's acceptable. [we presume, leading to hands-on activities? - one shred of evidence, please]"- Judge Tony Briggs



Met police officer avoids jail ‘because of his background’ after being caught with ‘seriously disturbing’ child porn 

"Judge Michael Baker QC told him: “Quite clearly [?] these are seriously disturbing images and in the course of making them [possibly, but, who did?] the lives of a number [?] of children will have been significantly affected. [how? - do you know if they have, for good or bad?]”" - Judge Michael Baker QC


Dec 18, 2014 17:19 

Sick [sic] paedophile [sic] paid to watch mother perform sex act on her daughter on webcam

"In one, he told a 14-year-old girl that she was ‘very beautiful’ and asked if she had a boyfriend.

Judge Brown said: “I accept that the system was already up-and-running and you didn’t create the environment in which the individual was being paid for putting on the sex shows.

“Nonetheless, you joined in - initially paying to watch adults having sex and then it clearly developed to wanting to watch adults sexually abuse children [sic].

“You continue to deny having a sexual interest in children ['legal child' being < 18, of course]. That’s clearly not correct.

"I’m entirely satisfied that you do have a very keen interest in the abuse [what is that, then, legally?] of children and you can only properly [sic] be described as a paedophile [sic].”- Judge Mark Brown


22:05, 9 February 2015 

Teacher who watched children get raped for pleasure [sic] jailed after being caught with 4,393 indecent images 

“What is mystifying [hardly] is that a man with such obvious intelligence and insight would want to return to watch real children [sic] being raped [sic] for his pleasure [sic]. For it is men like you [sic] who sneak away [sic] to furtively [sic] watch this stuff that creates demand" [sic] - Judge Thomas Crowther QC


Amy Hickson sentenced over child and animal porn images 

"Judge Evans said: "Those children [they are images, not children] are the victims [not of a crime related to Ms H] .... I know for sure [bullshit, where is your evidence?],  they suffer serious physical and emotional damage as a result. [bullshit, where is your evidence?]""
- Judge Susan Evans

"She added: 'Theses [sic] children are the victims [of another crime, except when they are cartoons, as many in this case !!!] and people do not know what happens to them. [what?] But I know for sure [how?] they suffer serious physical and emotional damage from what [what?] they suffer in these appalling pictures. [ah, so it is the act, possibly, not the image]'" - Judge Susan Evans

(Embedded Tweets - click date)


16:50, 2 June 2015

Sex offender became obsessed with child abuse images while grooming underage girls

"Recorder Bernard Gateshill QC told him: “You were collecting quite deliberately and purposefully indecent images of children being sexually abused.

“Some of those images relate to very young children indeed, babies in fact.

“Unless people like you wanted those images, this abuse would not occur, and you are responsible for the abuse of all of those children. [no comment, required]

“You had over a lengthy period of time an obsessive interest in such images.

“You were seriously and heavily involved in the collection and retention of images of a vile kind.”" - Recorder Bernard Gateshill QC

(Embedded Tweets - click date)

4th October 2016 

Paedophile [sic] who used 'dark web' to source 33k child abuse images [sic] is jailed

"Addressing him, Judge David Owen-Jones said: “From your own admission you had been looking at images for a period of two years, doing so every couple of days. It had become, in your own words, a daily ritual.

“Children who are abused in this way [may] suffer substantially. They are vulnerable children and regularly [sic] suffer intimidation and threats by those who are harming [sic] them.

“I hope that the sentence will deter others accessing these images.” [the nexus fallacy]"

Published: 01:39, 6 October 2016 | Updated: 07:31, 6 October 2016

Paedophile [sic] is spared jail so he can start a FAMILY: Husband caught with more than 137,000 child porn [sic] pictures faced five years in prison - but judge let him off [sic] after hearing that he wants to become a father

"'These are not victimless crimes [yes they are, where was the victim, in court?], they encourage [the nexus fallacy] serious abuse of sometimes very young children." - Recorder Martin Butterworth

11:35, 17 Oct 2016 Updated 11:50, 17 Oct 2016 

House of Lords researcher had 1,000 indecent images of children on Parliament laptop

"You have pleaded guilty today to five counts of possession or distribution of indecent images involving extremely young children."

"If it was not for people like you [?] and the others [ah, not people like him, then] who indulge in this there would be no market for these type of films [the nexus fallacy] and images and children would thereby be protected. [sic]" - Judge Joanna Korner QC

December 21, 2016

Paedophile [sic] pensioner jailed after downloading thousands of indecent images of children

"You have failed to accept the reality of what you have done [oh, I expect we are now going to be informed of this 'reality']. Images like these have a catastrophic effect on the children involved. [How? where is the source of your claim for this?]

"Children are being abused for the sick [sic] pleasure of you [incorrect, or the charge would have been a different one], and people like you [btw, pleasure is not a crime]. You provide a trade to people who chose to abuse children [how?  where is the nexus to the acts?] and then share their ordeals [and pleasure?] on the internet." [apparently oblivious, to the non-nexus mechanism, of this process - once again] - Judge David Ticehurst

Judge David Ticehirst has some serious issues, professional and otherwise ...

August 02, 2016

Judge demands apology from paedophile [sic] who downloaded thousands of images of child abuse 

"Adjourning the case for a pre-sentence review, Judge David Ticehurst warned Jeans that all options, including an immediate prison sentence, were on the table.

"And what would you say to the children who suffer as a result of your interests?" [none related to the defendant, almost certainly] he demanded.

The defendant responded: "I deeply regret any angst that my actions have caused."

"Angst?!" The judge snapped. "These are children [on occasion] who have suffered terrible physical and psychological traumas that will stay with them for most of their adult lives." [none related to the defendant, almost certainly]

The defended [sic] said: "I regret any hurt caused to these individuals."" [do not concern yourself, Mr Jeans, you have no culpability, for the actions, or any alleged harm]


Why Lawyers And Judges Are Rubbish At Mathematics - The Voodoo Harm Claims


 In time, we will destroy [if we have not, already] each and every claim.


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