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'Sarah's Law' Advert For June (Nearly)

The Usual Suspects

May 20, 2013 - 3:12 pm EDT

Residents of Colorado neighborhood chase down man they thought sexually assaulted children

"DENVER — Residents angry that police had not warned them about sex assaults of children took matters into their own hands, chasing down a man they thought was the attacker, pelting him with rocks and leaving him with a bloody face in Colorado, authorities said Monday. Pueblo police later released the man because of lack of evidence, The Pueblo Chieftain ( reported.

Neighborhood residents were looking for a man suspected of two separate sexual acts when they got word that a man matching the description had been spotted, said Alex Pacheco, one of the pursuers.

The group confronted the man and he ran.

Pursuers surrounded him and punched him in the face, police Capt. Tom Rummel said. Arriving officers shoved the man into a police car and whisked him to the station for questioning. He was not seriously injured.

"The primary officer on the scene said get him out of here," Rummel said.

Pacheco told the newspaper that residents were canvassing the area looking for the man who committed the sex crimes during the past few months.

One incident involved the sexual assault of a girl in her home. In the other, authorities said a man with the same description exposed himself to another child.

Police said the mob grew to about a half-dozen people as residents learned of the chase and joined in."

Angry Mob In Pueblo Attacks, Holds Man Thought To Be Sex Offender

Angry Mob Pelts Man Believed to Be Sex Offender, Police Release Him Due to Lack of Evidence [hahahahaha - DNA !!!]

Angry Mob Pelts Man In Pueblo Colorado Thought To Be Sex Offender



Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme: People encouraged to come forward

"POLICE are encouraging people to come forward and use the Child Sex Offender [sic] Disclosure (CSOD) scheme.

The national scheme – which has been running in Lancashire for two years - means that anyone can ask the police to check whether an individual who has access to children has committed any child sexual offences.

But the numbers of people applying for disclosure has reduced in the last 12 months and police are encouraging anyone who has concerns whether people who have contact with their children are a possible risk to use the scheme.

Since April 2011 Lancashire has received 152 enquiries which have been classified under the child sex offender disclosure classification. This breaks down into 60 referrals in 2011, 70 in 2012 and 23 up to 30 April 2013. Out of this number we have disclosed in six instances (case study below).

Disclosure takes place if that person has convictions for sexual offences against children [sic] and there is reasonable cause to believe a child is in danger of being seriously harmed. Details of previous convictions will be disclosed to the person who is best placed to protect the child.

If the person has other information held about them relevant to safeguarding children – for example serial domestic abuse perpetrators, then disclosure may also be considered utilising existing processes and procedures.

During a pilot of the scheme, 87 per cent of applicants were parents or guardians and they were most frequently concerned about neighbours, ex or new partners, family members or friends of family members.

Lancashire Constabulary’s Head of Public Protection Detective Superintendent Neil Esseen said: “This scheme provides members of the public with a formal way to check whether people who have contact with their children are a possible risk, and I would encourage anyone who has any concerns in this area to make use of it.

“The scheme helps parents, carers or guardians ensure that their children are safe, and also assists the police in managing known sex offenders living in the community more effectively.

“We already have a robust system to manage sexual and violent offenders through Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) and we work very closely with our partners in the prison and probation service to keep our children safe. “We already disclose information about registered sexual offenders (RSOs) and violent offenders in a controlled way and to a variety of people including head teachers, leisure centre managers, employers and landlords, as well as parents.”

“The scheme helps parents, carers or guardians ensure that their children are safe, and also assists the police in managing known sex offenders living in the community more effectively."

Det Supt Neil Esseen"

Published: 14 hrs ago (2/6/13)

Sun fight on fiends [offensive and inflammatory] protects [sic] 600 kids

"HUNDREDS of kids have been protected [sic] from sex beasts [offensive and inflammatory] because of a new law [sic] brought in after a Sun campaign [hahaha].

Figures obtained by The Sun show police have been forced [sic] to disclose information about paedophiles [sic] to concerned parents in 635 cases since Sarah’s Law [sic] was introduced in 2011." 

Too much BS, to fit into one squashing.

Revealed: Children protected [sic] in Kent by Sarah's Law [sic] paedophile [sic] alert [sic] scheme

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