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It Is The ITN, More So, Penny Marshall - You Know It Is Going To Be, Predominantly, BS - This Your Doing, Mark?

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Rise in web child abuse images

"Adult porn drawing users towards illegal images of abuse [really, how?]

"CEOP say between 50,000 and 60,000 [that will be, at least] people in the UK regularly access illegal images of child sex abuse [sic]. [how can they possibly know?]

Mostly as TV journalists we report sudden, headline-grabbing change. Seeping, gradual change is often less dramatic and sometimes even difficult to spot.

But that doesn't make it just as momentous when we do spot it and realise something significant is happening.

The figures obtained by ITV News from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) are proof [sic] of just such change. They are evidence [better, but still, sic] of the horrifying extent [sic] of child abuse images [sic] now being uploaded and swapped online.




Number of child sex abuse images online 'up by 40%'  [IWF stats drivel]

Talking to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) we have also discovered that thousands [that will be, at very least] of people in this country are regularly looking at this indecent material [how can they possibly know?] . More people than the police can realistically arrest [now, that will be correct]

The link between contact abuse and online abuse is fiercely debated [not amongst those who know, it isn't, neither is it 'fiercely debated', at all]. Some say as many as half of those who access the material online may go on to abuse - others estimate it may be one in 8 [others, almost zero, in % terms]. But few would argue there isn't a link.[ah, but 'links' - even if they exist - are not causality, now are they?]

Stuart Hazel, who murdered Tia Sharpe, is just the latest criminal known to have hurt a child after seeking out abuse images [sic] online.[see above]

So the garbage goes on, and on ...


How to report images of child sex abuse (IWF/CEOP ... blah, blah)

Police overwhelmed by tsunami of child sex abuse images [sic] [John Carr, say no more]

Ex-CEOP chief: Child abuse figures [sic] 'deeply concerning [Jim Gamble, say no more]

Internet 'helping police trace and prosecute perpetrators' [sic] [Peter Davies, say no more]

Public urged to report images of online child sex abuse images [sic] [Susan Hargreaves, say no more]

The internet 'clearly facilitates' [clearly?] child sex abuse {Donald Findlater ... sorry, just Penny's typically-poor journalism]


Now, let's see what the ITN's viewers have to offer ...

Majority think viewing abuse images leads to abusing  [well, no arguing with the quality of of that cohort]

An ITV News Index poll has revealed that the majority of the public agree there is a link between viewing online abuse images and committing child abuse crimes.

The figures show:

>79% of the public agree that there us a link between viewing online abuse images [sic] and crimes committed against children by those viewing images of child abuse [sic]

>71% of those interviewed believe the Government should filter out all pornographic content, unless people specifically opt-in

>41% of people agree it is impossible for national governments to police availability of child abuse images [sic]

>49% think indecent images of children are more common than they were 5 years ago [ooops, a little slip in the Newspeak, there]

>69% think children in the UK are less safe as a result of the spread of indecent images of children [ooops, a little slip in the Newspeak, there] online

Just goes to show what that cohort know.


Next ... something of interest ...

about 1 hour ago 

Sex offender [actor's voice, original victim brainwashed] describes how watching porn led to child abuse [no it does not]

"A sex offender [sic] who viewed images of child abuse [sic] online told ITV News Social Affairs Penny Marshall he started looking at the illegal images after watching legal online porn sites {OK ... and ...].

He said: "Often you are just one click away. I looked at a lot of adult porn and was tempted." [ah, so, it is a matter of natural and normal curiosity, and bad law, then - good, we thought it was some kind of problem]"



This whole 'Special' feels like CEOP-crafted propaganda. 

Tossers (maybe more than figuratively).

The OSC 


Addendum (29/5/13; 12:15) - The Newspeak Marches On

Jim Gamble


Penny Marshall


Paul Lander


Mark Walsh


Richard Bougeard



29 May 2013, 15:23

Hotline child porn reports surge

"A confidential hotline used to flag criminal content online [sic] has seen a 40% surge in the number of reports [ah] of child pornography.

The hotline, run by charity the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), also recorded a 42% increase in the number of images which feature the sexual abuse of children aged 10 and under and a 32% increase in the number of images showing the rape and sexual torture of children.

The IWF analysed the number of reports [ah] for the six months between October 2012 and March 2013 and compared these figures to the previous year.

IWF chief executive Susie Hargreaves said: "It is so important that members of the public report online child sexual abuse [sic] content to iwf.org.uk and I'm incredibly grateful that more people are doing so."


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