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Ah, The Wonderful, Creative, Human Mind

May 1, 2013 Updated: May 1, 2013 | 4:22 pm

Instagrammed baby photos used for sexual role play

"Even a cursory search brings up dozens of baby role plays on Instagram, many which describe sex in front of or with babies.

“As time went on the posts we were seeing went from disturbing to vile. Some were being abused both physically and sexually and some were being even killed off,” says Corinne Chaimovitz, a Toronto-area mother who started a campaign last month against the practice using the hashtag #downwithbabyrp. “When this began, we just wanted to get the stolen pictures [sic] removed. None of us ever expected any of this.”

Even though the sexual situations are only in print and not depicted in images, police say they might still constitute child pornography.

“Depending on what the photo is and what’s written, it could be considered child pornography,” said Det. Paul Krawczyk of the child exploitation section of the Toronto Police Services.

This text-definition of child pornography only exists in Canada, Krawczyk says, and if a server is located in the United States, Instagram is not obliged to take the posts down.

Krawczyk, one of the country’s leading online child pornography experts, said he had not heard of the Instagram role plays.

Chaimovitz’s group of Internet vigilantes has tried to engage the role players, some of whom say they’re teenagers and role play to escape being bullied themselves.

But because Instagram is so anonymous, no one can tell if the users really are teenagers and not predators."


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