Saturday, 11 May 2013

Better Lives, Possibly

Saturday 11 May 2013

The radical rehab programme for Scotland's sex offenders

"Imagine the scene on your street.

You live at No.8. A new neighbour moves into No.9. The man at No.12 says this new neighbour is a paedophile. A beast. You are frantic with worry. What about your children?

Sex offenders are the most likely criminals to be reconvicted, right? Not so. Scottish Government statistics show that a year after release, only 14% of sex offenders have been reconvicted, compared to more than 90% of those jailed for dishonesty offences. In addition, government reports suggest "a significant proportion" of sex offending is unreported which means your new neighbour is far from the only risk. (What do you actually know about the vocal man at No.12?)

But there's an even more unpalatable factor to consider. Statistically, another house on your street poses a very significant danger to your children: No.8. Your house. Most abuse against children is committed by family friends and acquaintances. More than a quarter is committed by a relative."

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