Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Have You Learned Nothing From Leveson, You Idiots?

Tom Wells, The Sun's 'Home Affairs Correspondent'  ...  to keep
calling him 'Shit-For-Brains', is offensive and derogatory to turds


Published: 11 hrs ago

Evil baby rapist [sic] at kids’ funfair

"Monster's [offensive and inflammatory] day out

Vile ... TF giggles as she sits on kiddie swing in playground at the seaside


Published: 11 hrs ago

"BLOATED [?] baby rapist [sic] TF laughed as she enjoyed a trip to a funfair — next to children unaware of her evil past.

The monster [offensive and inflammatory] was jailed for her role in the sex abuse of a 12-week-old girl she was supposed to be minding.

But The Sun can reveal how F, 26, now revels in her freedom by relaxing among kids without any official supervision. [and?]"


Responses ...

"rebeccah2000 14 likes

Nice one Thesun...post a clear picture of her face so everyone knows who she is...i see her within 10 yards and by God ill do time

nattie 5 likes

All brand name expensive clothes too! Makes me sick,only time Iv wanted a final destination film too come true. Please Sun,print more photos of her vile face,so she never lives a happy life

execblond 9 likes

How come she gets to live under a new identity, her whereabouts and who she is should be common knowledge. Commit such an awful crime and her life should now be a misery till the day she dies.

world_to_rights 5 likes

Whatever happened to the human rights of that baby and the human rights of the public (other children) to being safe and protected from harm? Why do these monsters count more than innocent children? There is no justice any longer, if I were the mother of that baby I'd get my own justice for my baby and children all over the country.

All child abusers should be sterilised at the very least."



Tom Wells


Wednesday 19 September 2012 11.03 BST

Operation Elveden: Sun journalists held

"Police officer also arrested as part of investigation into alleged inappropriate payments to public officials in exchange for stories

Two Sun journalists, including the paper's West country correspondent, were arrested on Wednesday by police investigating allegations of inappropriate payments to public officials.

Scotland Yard said it had detained three individuals in dawn raids, including a 51-year-old journalist who was arrested at his home in Bristol on suspicion of conspiracy to corrupt and conspiracy to cause misconduct in a public office. It is understood this is John Coles, the Sun's West Country correspondent.

The second journalist was described as a 32-year-old working for the tabloid, believed to be reporter Tom Wells. He was arrested at his house in south-east London by officers working on Operation Elveden, the Metropolitan police's inquiry into payments to police, prison officers and other public officials in exchange for stories."


News International chief tries to boost Sun morale after 21st journalist arrest 


They eat horses, don't they? 



Addendum (15/11/13)

Still seems not ...

(Embedded Tweets - click date).


Addendum (25/11/13; 7:30 am)

Published: 6 hrs ago

Baby P mum ‘desperate’ for new man

"TC is 'sex mad.'"

"Maneater ... Baby P's freed mum."



Andrew Chamberlain




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