Monday, 6 May 2013

"I Like To Be Proactive" - Adolf Hitler

May 05, 2013

Lafayette Parish schools beef up security

"Lafayette uses software to screen, record visitors.

“I like to be proactive. You just never know today [sic]. You have to do all you can today to ensure the safety and security of these children. We’re trying to stay ahead of the game.” Principal Bobby Badeaux, Edgar Martin Middle School

LAFAYETTE — With a swipe of a driver’s license or photo ID, Edgar Martin Middle School ensures sex offenders don’t step onto its campus.

“That’s the main one you want to keep off our campus and by law, they’re not supposed to be here,” Principal Bobby Badeaux said.

The school began using the visitor management software from Raptor Technologies about two years ago as a proactive measure, Badeaux said.

Office staff slide a visitor’s ID through a small scanner system connected to a nearby computer. The person’s information is run through a database of sex offenders in 50 states. If the visitor is on any sex offender registry, a text alert will be sent to Badeaux, his assistant principal and the school’s resource officer, a Lafayette police officer."

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