Thursday, 2 May 2013

More Signs Of Sanity

Posted on: 6:35 am, May 1, 2013 updated on: 06:54am, May 1, 2013

Mo. lawmakers consider bill to remove some sex offenders from registry

"JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Currently most people found guilty of committing a sex crime have to register on the sex offender registry for the rest of their life. Whether they were found guilty of public indecency or committed rape, sex offenders are lumped together.

Missouri lawmakers want to change that.

On Tuesday, the House passed a bill that would allow sex offenders to petition to get their name off the list after a certain number of years. Those convicted of lesser sex offenses like fondling, public indecency or possession of child pornography could petition to get off the list in five years.

Those convicted of moderate crimes like having sexual contact with minors could petition to get off the list in 10 years. And those convicted of rape and other violent sexual crimes could petition to get off the list in 25 years."

Tiered sex offender registry bill approved by Missouri House

Jeff City Beat: Possible break for sexual offenders

May 6, 2013

Missouri Kids First won’t support bill that makes changes to sex offender registry (AUDIO)

"Legislators have been working for several years on restructuring the state’s sex offender registry, saying it’s unnecessarily penalizing many people who are not a risk to society. One group speaking out against a bill that’s been taken up and passed by the House is Missouri Kids First.

“With the sex off registry, our opinion of Rep. Hinson’s bill is that it just goes too far,” says spokeswoman Emily Van Schenkof. “It goes too far and there are actually a number of troubling elements in it. We really recognize that there are some people on the sex offender registry that don’t belong it … my concern is that … this bill goes really far in letting a lot of people off that list who really are absolutely a public safety risk.”" 

Then again ...

Posted on: 9:19 pm, May 6, 2013, by Mark Meredith, updated on: 10:16pm, May 6, 2013

Law considered to make it harder for sex offenders to remove names from registry

"DENVER — It’s a list that’s meant to protect communities and punish convicted sex offenders [!!!???]  but some believe it’s too easy for former criminals to remove themselves off the state registry.

“It mortifies me and it terrifies me,” said Marilyn Spittler in an interview with FOX31 Denver after learning her ex-husband, a convicted sex offender wanted to remove his name of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s public list.

Spittler contacted KDVR after learning Jeff LeClere, who was convicted of a sex crime in the 1990s, had petitioned Douglas County in April to remove his name from the state offenders list through a judge’s permission.

“I was shocked. I had no idea that it was even possible to petition the court,” Spittler said after learning about her ex-husband’s request. The request though, according to data from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, may be more common than many people are aware."

Sex offender reform heads to Senate floor

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