Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Next Time, Confront The 'Paedo' - Yeah, Right

7 May 5, 2013, 12:55 pm

Police called on grandfather who took child swimming

"A Sydney man whose granddaughter took off her clothes for a spontaneous swim at the beach was alarmed when the police arrived to investigate.

Seventy-year-old Leo (who chose not to disclose his surname) told Fairfax media he was babysitting for the girl's parents at Balmoral Beach when six-year-old Emma decided to go for a swim.

"She didn't stop beaming from the time she got in to the time she got out," he said.

But shortly after helping his granddaughter get dressed, Leo was approached by police.

"They wanted my name; they took my identification. They also talked to Emma and asked her name and date of birth. They informed me a complaint had been lodged."

Police quickly established that the situation was innocent, but the girls' family told the Sydney Morning Herald they wished the anonymous complainant had approached Leo personally, rather than going to the police."


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