Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Global, Hysterical, Persecution Continues (1)

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Close the loophole for sex offenders

Sex-offender bill passes Assembly

Sex offenders would need to notify schools under new WI Assembly bill

Bucks lawmaker wants broader community notification for registered sex offenders

More info on Level 1 offenders urged

Local Lawmakers, Police Chief, Testify on Sex Offender Legislation

Reform offender laws

Comprehensive sex offender legislation receives public hearing

Mother outraged after judge grants custody of daughter to registered sex offender

Pa. bill would require busing where sex offenders live

Sex offender highlights need for Aus register

Calls mount for sex offender register to be public

Steamy Letters Create Security Concern at Sex Offender Program

Police cautions issued for sex crimes, arson and robbery

Former Norwich judge’s concern over cautioning sex offenders

The tighter you squeeze ...

Nationwide effort nets 345 sex offender arrests

Sex offender removes GPS tracker

Lawmakers push to increase penalties for sex offenders who remove GPS trackers 

Prison Realignment Drastically Changes Job, Probation Officers Say


Moreau fires sex offender from park job

Moreau fires park worker after finding he's a sex offender

Sex offender arrested for using Facebook

Parole Board Begins Pilot Program to Remotely Monitor Sex Offender's Computer Use 

Pennsylvania parole officers use spy ware to track sex offenders online moves

Parole Board Begins Pilot Program to Remotely Monitor Sex Offender’s Computer Use 

Saugus residents oppose registered sex offender’s return

Sex offenders cluster at Salinas motel; Supreme Court considers housing restrictions.

House passes ‘2 strikes’ child sex offender bill

Rochester sex offender changes address, now homeless

Foxborough Selectman Implores Judiciary Committee to Approve Sex Offender Registry and Notification Act

Norfolk County DA Morrissey Testifies on Sexual Predator Bill

Stewart Murray Wilson appeal dismissed

Finding un-registered sex offenders

RENT WATCH: Landlord is sex offender but didn't disclose prior to taking deposit

Delaware State Police notify public of homeless sex offender

Residents Concerned After Sex Offender Arrested In Broken Arrow Neighborhood

Special Report: Tracking sex offenders in your neighborhood


Government says sex offender laws are ‘toughest in country

Police Blotter: Registered sex offender arrested after watching children at Fremont market

Sex offender bill draws GOP opposition

Legal Loophole Allows Convicted Sex Offenders To Live Near Schools, Parks

How police in Hull are tracking sex offenders and criminals by satellite


Norfolk County DA Morrissey Pushes for Stricter Sexual Predator Bill

Maryborough grandfather wants pedophile named and shamed


No housing for serial sex offender

Public transport crime off the rails

Vic sex offenders to be tracked by GPS

New technology to monitor sex offenders, arsonists and boozers 24/7


Decision to keep sex offenders list hidden may face legal challenge

Unwelcome neighbor

Davis Motel variance on zoning board agenda

Sex abuse whistleblower's misleading tweet

New machine helps keep sex offenders off school grounds

Sex offender arrested for working too close to school

Sex offender can live near Danz Elementary

Hole in California Law Allows Sex Offenders to Become Addiction Counselors

Report finds 2 dozen sex offenders working as Calif. drug counselors due to lack of screening

Sex offender update

Australian Sex Offenders on Parole to Get Tracked Through GPS-Enabled Bracelets

Burlington sex offender accused of using social media

Busted! Offenders Adds Sex Offender Registry Information from Sacramento, California


Tracking sex offenders who live near you

UPDATED: Principal: Report of Registered Sex Offender Near School, Bus Stop

Sex offenders in Utica hotels debated again

Sheriff’s Office has new website


Suffolk homeless sex offenders to be moved out of trailers by Memorial Day

Charges dismissed against sex offender who stayed at campground

Predatory sex offender not breaking law by living near school

Convicted sex offender accused of coaching youth

Sex offender coaching youth might not be illegal

‘Tough action against sex offenders’

New Morgan County website maps out local sex offenders


Sex Offenders Left Out of Halloween Law Lose Fees

Sex offenders leave Aloha home near Reedville Elementary School

Detective Explains Sex Offender Registry System


Adult entertainment, sex offenders on warrant

Homeless sex offender in Dover

Sex Offender Tracking: Who Keeps Tabs On Them?

Coming up dry: Munford representative winless in session marked by alcohol sales debate

Sex offenders placed in home near Aloha school

Bills aim to bolster sex offender laws

Puyallup-Led Bill to Restrict Sex Offender Housing Signed into Law

Sex offender placed too close to kids

High-risk sex offender found living near elementary school

Sex offender discovered living too close to school in violation of local ordinance

Parents concerned about sex offender living in local park


Brown's budget includes Holden's sex offender bill


Notification meeting set for sex offender release in Fond du Lac

KEPR story earns 1st place in award from Society of Professional Journalists

Neighbors near elementary school send sex offender packing

Homeless sex offenders present challenge to police

Boos and Bravos


2 sex offenders challenging Suffolk law

Penrhos principal's email

New ordinance will push Orlando sex offenders further from schools, parks

A sex offender could be living next to your kid's playground

Aggressive law enforcement team sends reoffenders back to prison

A Victorian sex offender and his wife have won a landmark legal battle to get access to IVF treatment.

City enacts tougher rule for sex offender housing,0,2922717.story

Tory MP Mark Warawa’s victims bill wins government support

Langley MP’s bill to keep paroled offenders away from their victims wins gov’t support

Bill Closes Loophole for Sex Offenders

Court: Some Sex Offenders Can Challenge Lifetime Electronic Monitoring

Prolific Stockton sex offender jailed for repeated breach of child ban

Juvenile sex offender attending classes in Clear Creek ISD has parents worried

Newly-arrived Level III Sex Offenders Cause Stir in Savage

"Sex Offender House" close to Charlotte playground?

More movements of sex offenders could be regulated

Community notification meeting held Tuesday

Sex Offenders Not Making It On Megan’s Law Website

Senate Passes Legislation to Protect Children from Sex Crimes


Mass. Senate approves changes to sex offender laws

Md. man remains on sex offender registry after winning appeal to state’s highest court

Norwich child sex offender will not be re-sentenced

Former Dundee bus driver put on sex offenders register for schoolgirl kiss

Multi-agency venture sends message to county sex offenders

High-risk sex offender living in Heritage

It's Legal for Some Sex Offenders to Live Near Schools: Why It's Legal

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