Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ah, But What If it Feels Very Right? ... PANTS? ... It Certainly Is

PANTS? We Believe So

NSPCC asks parents to talk PANTS

NSPCC helps parents protect children from sexual abuse

Peter Wanless, head of NSPCC: 'We are more focused on preventing abuse'

NSPCC charity warns parents of child abuse

NSPCC urges parents to “talk PANTS” in Underwear Rule campaign

NSPCC talks PANTS in new campaign

Parents urged to talk sex abuse 


The Underwear Rule



16 July 2013

These child-abuse stats are PANTS


Monday, 27 January, 2014

The NSPCC is talking PANTS – as usual

"Some of the PANTS points are unobjectionable in themselves: if a child has been really upset over anything, not just sexual matters, they should feel free to talk about it. Openness and accountability are good principles. Nobody should feel they have to suffer bullying parents or teachers in silence any more than they should put up with sexual molestation or harassment. But the giveaway as to the campaign’s unnecessary negativity towards the body is right at the heart of it, plumb in the middle: PANTS: No means no. Fine, but what about Yes means yes? Whatever else this campaign is about, it is not about self-determination for kids as regards a body which is hypocritically vaunted by the NSPCC as belonging to them."

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