Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Richard Bougeard - Vigilante Sympathiser

Monday 15th July 2013, 1:52AM BST

Families’ petition for paedophile [sic] to be re-homed

"Jersey's Housing department

RESIDENTS in a family housing estate say they are furious that a suspected [?] paedophile [sic] is living among young children and they are calling for Housing to move him immediately.

Eighty people have signed a petition requesting that the Housing department move the man, who has been charged with downloading indecent images of children but is currently out on conditional bail.

One resident in the estate claims that Housing knew that the man was a known sex offender [but, he is not, is he?].

Full story in Monday’s JEP."


Now, Richard believes, that persecution, prejudice, harassment and vigilante action is a good thing ...

"One hopes that this is an isolated incident (the placement of the suspected paedophile [a what?] into a housing estate with young families living in it, not the petition to have him removed) [hardly isolated, where do you think such folk live?]. From the printed article, it states that his particular house was "between a family with three young girls and a family with two young girls" - with two of his windows overlooking the estate playground". [and your point is?]"



... he then goes on, to rant (even noting that correlation is not causality) about images, referring to false claims, lies and dis-proven propaganda.

Such is the blinkered, irrational, dangerous and zealous nature of the vigilante and the zealot.



Richard Bougeard




Jersey Probation urges Facebook to remove 'name-and-shame' page 

"Mr Cutland said he first heard about the page when a sex offender contacted his probation officer to say there was material about him on the page.

"It runs an increased risk of vigilantism; there is no evidence at all that this type of approach safeguards victims and reduces offending," Mr Cutland said."


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