Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Global, Hysterical, Persecution Continues (4) - Collation

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Anti-pedophile group calls for Tor network to be shut down

German fights extradition to US to face child porn charges, says he was discriminated against

Moves to change laws to give parents access to dangerous sex-offenders' information

Sex Offender Study May Keep Some Inmates Behind Bars

Miami-Dade Plans Facial Recognition to Search for Sex Offenders in Parks

News laws would allow South Australian police to track child-sex offenders with GPS

GPS blackspot and lack of services causes housing issue for Far North Queensland sex offender

WA sex offenders wearing GPS trackers 

Russian legislators propose placing pedophiles under surveillance for life

Russia: Anime Banned as Child Pornography 

Japan makes first arrest for CG-generated child pornography

Crime Commissioners throw weight behind 'Echo Keep Our Kids Safe' campaign

Delhi Police puts sex offenders’ photos online

Kent child sex offences system rolled out to Europe

Feds Arrest 255 in Massive Global Child Porn Sting

Simons: Anonymous witch-hunt no way to fight for justice

Concern as children's beauty pageant comes to Glasgow

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