Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Throwing Us A Bone

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Porn is about fantasy sex - and the truth is that some women have rape fantasies. But this is very different from the real thing

"It does not mean we would enjoy being raped, or that we deserve to be raped. Let's not teach teenagers that Planet Porn is inextricable from the Real World."

"If we are honest with ourselves, a lot of women have indulged in sexual fantasies about rape. This does not mean we would enjoy being raped, or that we deserve to be raped, in the Real World. Interestingly, few women I know would openly admit to this. The reason I happen to know it’s true is because I’ve interviewed a lot of men who say that their partners have admitted to having rape fantasies in moments of intimacy that can only exist between lovers."



Extreme porn laws welcomed by Durham University professors

"TWO campaigners have welcomed the Government’s announcement to reform the law on extreme pornography to include images of rape."

"Professors McGlynn and Rackley said: “We welcome the announcement that the government intends to take steps to ensure that the possession of all pornographic images of rape is criminalised." 


Extreme pornography laws should be reformed, experts say

Durham professors call for extreme porn laws to be reformed

University academics call for new laws on extreme porn

Durham Law Professors McGlynn and Rackley debate 5th anniversary of extreme pornography law on BBC and at Durham conference

The Legal Regulation of Pornography 


Professor Clare McGlynn

"Clare also co-led the pioneering ESRC funded Feminist Judgments Project which put 'theory into practice' by writing the 'missing' feminist judgments in key cases (Research Briefing here). The judgments, published in Feminist Judgments: from theory to practice, powerfully demonstrate how cases could and should have been decided differently."

Professor Erika Rackley 

 "In addition to her sole-authored research, Erika is also involved in collaborations with other scholars in the fields of judicial diversity, through her involvement as a member of the executive committee of the Equal Justices Initiative and as co-organiser of the Feminist Judgments Project."

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