Tuesday, 2 July 2013

We Are Bringing Keyzsexyplace Back

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Were you accused of visiting Keyzsexyplace?

"David Stanley lost his life because of this web site. Hundreds of others have been ruined by it. During the failed Operation Ore High Court appeal in 2010, the police expert witness [Dr Nick Sharples] finally admitted that subscriptions to this web site were fraudulent. There is in existence an instruction to the police to ignore alleged subscribers to this web site.

If you were cautioned because of this site your reputation and career may be in ruins, because you are on the SOR and other police records.

Now is the time to fight back and recover your honour.

This is just one of the many loose bricks in the discredited edifice of Operation Ore, which ruined thousands. Despite official resistance, it is being slowly and painfully dismantled. The successes to date ..."


Message to those cautioned under Operation Ore


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