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6:55AM BST 01 Jul 2013

Paedophilia is a treatable illness [sic]

"These people need help [some do, yes], and they should be offered it before they seek out child pornography – or, even worse, act out their sick [sic] fantasies [any evidence?].

Those who recognise they have paedophile tendencies [sic] are more likely to come forward if they know they will be offered treatment, rather than be treated as criminals before they’ve committed a crime [possibly].

Child pornography is an evil [sic] that we all want to see eradicated [no we all do not], and it is right that the Government is putting pressure on internet providers to block such images. Speaking at the Whitehall ''summit’’ of web companies last month, Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, said “the industry has to take action’’. Pressure from ministers would be unrelenting. Yet the Government’s response shows a naivety about the internet and a startling ignorance about how paedophiles [sic] operate.

There is a clear [is there?] distinction between the different groups (mostly men) who view child pornography.

Research [which?] shows that one group – the ''incidental’’ viewers – access illegal images through conventional search engines. They may harbour underlying paedophiliac fantasies [sic] that have been repressed [sic] or ignored [sic].

The common spiral [sic] is that they start by consuming adult pornography that is legal but which may present adults as teenagers. As they search for more of this type of material, they come across illegal images [sic] involving children. In an aroused state [!] and with their judgment impaired [!], they then seek out similar images and so are drawn into viewing ever more child pornography ... [OK, we can go with that, for some]"



Actually, there is some good stuff in there, Max is just compelled, to still, follow the dominant narrative.

As is often the case, Max, being gay, appears to have developed a historical and rational blockage, of the fact, that, not so very long ago, homosexuality was a treatable illness (and still is, in some quarters) ... although, Max does get a little defensive, on Twitter, on the issue.



Max Pemberton




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