Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Read It And Laugh

The Clowns Were Sent In

Connectivity, content and consumers: Britain's digital platform for growth

"Organisation: Department for Culture, Media & Sport
"Page history: Published 30 July 2013
"Policies: Making it easier for the media and creative industries to grow, while protecting the "interests of citizens+ 1 other
"Ministers: The Rt Hon Maria Miller MP+ 1 other


July 31, 2013

Government wants default blocking to hit small ISPs

David Cameron: Stop Sleepwalking the UK into Censorship

Posted on Jul 31, 2013

Sex & Censorship

"In the two years since Perry’s inquiry, well-funded morality campaigners, with the assistance of the mass media, have created an unrelenting series of panics over sex and sexuality.

According to the reports, which have become increasingly hysterical, our children are being “force-fed” a “torrent” of porn. Our high streets have become “sexualised” and our society has become “pornified”. Women are “objectified” everywhere, and “rape culture” abounds.

I’ve followed these reports with care for several years, and they are always infuriatingly free of any evidence to back them. They have become as prevalent in the normally liberal Guardian as the endlessly obnoxious Daily Mail.

Many of us have carefully reviewed the available evidence, and none of it backs the scare stories. Well-written books have dismantled the claims one at a time. But it is far easier to sell fear than reassurance, and generous grants are available to those who claim to be “saving women” and “protecting children”. "

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