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"Well Over 20% Of Normal Men Are Probably Pedophiles; The Majority Of Men Are Probably Pedophiles And Hebophiles"

Tromovitch sets a poser on prevalence

The Tromovitch Poster (CRASSH, Cambridge conference on DSM-5)


Stifling but stimulating in sunny Cambridge


Classifying Sex: Debating DSM-5

Classifying Sex: Debating DSM-5

Classifying Sex: Debating DSM-5

Classifying Sex: Debating DSM-5



Are All Men Pedophiles? - Winner of the Media prize: Best Documentary 2012

"An internet survey was carried out as part of the documentary "Are All Men Pedophiles?" in which men were shown pictures of females without being informed of their age and asked if they found them sexually desirable or not. Girls about 14 got the highest ratings [and that was with the images they were allowed to use !!!] ... "

Pedophilia Documentarian: "Eighteen Is Just A Number"

"The documentary Are All Men Pedophiles? argues that we should be more accepting of sex between teenagers and adults. Unsurprisingly, not everyone agrees."

23 hours ago (15/2/15; 9:48 pm)

Sword and Scale Episode 38

"In 2013 an independent documentary began making its way through various film festivals. It was received with harsh criticism, outrage and even death threats by various groups, each of which was repulsed by the subject matter and the way it was presented. The name of this film was Are All Men Pedophiles? and once we heard about it we knew we had to speak to the creator of the film Jan-Willem Breure.

Early on though we figured we’d need some serious help telling this story properly and responsibly, so we solicited the expertise of Dr. Michelle Elliott, founder of the UK non-profit Kidscape, who has been in the business of protecting children for over 25 years. We also contacted clinical psychologist and research scientist Dr. James Cantor, for his controversial and fascinating research on the mind of a pedophile (or peadophile). The combination of all of these ideas and points of view makes for an amazingly honest insight into a topic most would be happy to shy away from."


The leading US-phallometry expert W. L. Marshall wrote 1997 in a book:

"This is also consistent with our findings from phallometric studies of sexual preferences wherein all subjects (offenders and nonoffenders) respond to persons displaying full secondary sexual features (i.e., teenagers over age 14 years) in the same way as they do to adults." (1)

Other scientists reported the same results. (2)

(1) Marshall, W. L. (1997): PEDOPHILIA: Psychopathology and Theory. pp. 152-174, in: Laws, D. Richard und William O´Donohue (1997): Sexual Deviance. Theory, Assessment, and Treatment. THE GUILFORD PRESS, New York London

(2) Freund, Kurt and R. Costell (1970): The structure of erotic preference in the nondeviant male. In: Behavior Research and Therapy, pp . 15-20


6:20AM GMT 12 Dec 2014

Laws aren’t the only solution to child porn

"“Legal teen” content has always been the most popular niche in the adult industry – and for some it acts as a gateway into illegality.

In 2013 two American academics analysed almost 50 million sexual search terms made between 2009 and 2011. One in every six was related to age, and the most popular was teen. If an age was specified, the most commonly requested were, in order, 13, 16 and 14.

There’s more of this online than anyone dares admit – and no one quite knows what to do about it."

Evidence ...

Billion Wicked Thoughts: Video #1: What REALLY Turns us on?

Billion Wicked Thoughts: Video #2: Where do our sexual interests come from?

Billion Wicked Thoughts: Video #3: What turns men on?

Billion Wicked Thoughts: Video #4: Do Women Like Porn?

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Published on Dec 14, 2014

Jamie Bartlett - Inside The Digital Underworld | London Real

The dark net: inside the digital underworld; Imperial College London

Jamie Bartlett @JamieJBartlett

The Dark Net

Jamie Bartlett


Author(s): Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, Richard Hirschman, and Lori L. Oliver L.L.; Behavior Therapy, Vol. 26, 1995, pp. 681-694.

Sexual Arousal and Arousability to Pedophilic Stimuli in a Community Sample of Normal Men


Self-reported and physiological sexual arousal to adult and pedophilic stimuli were examined among 80 men drawn from a sample of volunteers.

Over 1/4 of the current subjects self-reported pedophilic interest or exhibited penile arousal to pedophilic stimuli that equaled or exceeded arousal to adult stimuli.

The hypothesis that arousal to pedophilic stimuli is a function of general sexual arousability factors was supported in that pedophilic and adult heterosexual arousal were positively correlated, particularly in the physiological data.

Subjects who were highly arousable, insofar as they were unable to voluntarily and completely inhibit their sexual arousal, were more sexually aroused by all stimuli than were subjects who were able to inhibit their sexual arousal.

Thus, arousal to pedophilic stimuli does not necessarily correspond with pedophilic behavior."


J Child Sex Abus. 2015;24(2):115-34. doi: 10.1080/10538712.2015.997410

Men's Sexual Interest in Children: One-Year Incidence and Correlates in a Population-Based Sample of Finnish Male Twins


In a study of 1,310 Finnish adult male twins we found that sexual interest in children aged 12 or younger was reported by 0.2% of the sample. Sexual interest in children aged 15 or younger was reported by 3.3%. Participants reporting sexual interest in children aged 15 or younger were younger, reported stronger sexual desire, and had experienced more childhood sexual and nonsexual abuse.

The present study is the first to give a population-based estimate of the incidence of sexual interest in children among adult men. The 12-month incidence of sexual interest in children below the age of 16 years is roughly comparable to the one-year incidence of major depression or the lifetime prevalence of transvestitic fetishism."

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Sex Abuse. 2014 Dec;26(6):546-68. doi: 10.1177/1079063213503688. Epub 2013 Nov 11

Sexual interest in children among an online sample of men and women: prevalence and correlates


The purpose of the present study was to explore the extent to which men and women in the general population report sexual interest in children and to examine distinct developmental experiences associated with self-reported sexual interest. Participants (262 females and 173 males) were recruited online and completed a questionnaire assessing sexual interest and adverse childhood experiences. Among men, 6% indicated some likelihood of having sex with a child if they were guaranteed they would not be caught or punished, as did 2% of women. Nine percent of males and 3% of females indicated some likelihood of viewing child pornography on the Internet. Overall, nearly 10% of males and 4% of females reported some likelihood of having sex with children or viewing child pornography. Males and females with any sexual interest in children reported higher likelihoods of engaging in other antisocial or criminal behaviors and also reported more dysfunctional childhoods (i.e., histories of sexual abuse, insecure parent-child attachments). Theoretical implications of the findings and suggestions for preventing the sexual victimization of children are provided."

November 18, 2013 3:28 pm

Are One In Ten Men Sexually Attracted To Children? 

"The authors acknowledge four limitations, but don’t address the biggest one – the fact that the survey is entirely self report. The questions assume that people can accurately introspect and to predict their own future behaviour, yet this is far from assured.

For example, if you ask people whether they would ever electrocute someone with 450 volts as part of a psychology experiment, they would say: never; I’m not that kind of person. But about 65% people put into that situation do, in fact, do that as Stanley Milgram showed.

Yet if we can be so wrong about whether we’d torture someone, can we trust our own beliefs as to whether we’d ever rob a bank – or have sex with a child?"


February 19, 2015

Dombert, B., Schmidt, A. F., Banse, R., Briken, P., Hoyer, J., Neutze, J., & Osterheider, M. (2015); “How common is males’ sexual interest in prepubescent children?,” The Journal of Sex Research, in press 

Dombert B1, Schmidt AF, Banse R, Briken P, Hoyer J, Neutze J, Osterheider M.; J Sex Res. 2015 Aug 4:1-10.

How Common is Men's Self-Reported Sexual Interest in Prepubescent Children?


Consistent evidence exists for sexual interest in children in nonclinical/nonforensic male populations.

However, prevalences for community men's self-reported sexual interest in children have been based on indiscriminate definitions including postpubescent individuals, age-restricted samples, and/or small convenience samples.

The present research assessed men's self-reported sexual interest in children (including child prostitution and child sex tourism) on the community level and examined the link between strictly defined sexual fantasies and behaviors involving prepubescent children.

In an online survey of 8,718 German men, 4.1% reported sexual fantasies involving prepubescent children, 3.2% reported sexual offending against prepubescent children, and 0.1% reported a pedophilic sexual preference.

Sexual fantasies involving prepubescent children were positively related to sexual offending against prepubescent children.

Sexual interest in children was associated with subjectively perceived need for therapeutic help.

In contrast to findings from forensic samples, men who reported child pornography use exclusively were identified as a subgroup differing from contact sexual offenders against prepubescent children and men who reported both child pornography use and contact sexual offenses against prepubescent children. 

The empirical link between child-related sexual fantasies and sexual victimization of prepubescent children and high levels of subjective distress from this inclination underscore the importance of evidence-based child sexual abuse prevention approaches in the community. Findings are discussed in terms of their relation to pedophilic disorder."


March 27, 2015

Bennett, P.; Lowe, R.; Petrova, H. (2015); “Heterosexual Men’s Ratings of Sexual Attractiveness of Adolescent Girls: A Cross-Cultural Analysis,” Archives of Sexual Behavior, in press.

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Published: 21:00 GMT, 20 June 2015 | Updated: 00:29 GMT, 21 June 2015

750,000 UK men want child sex, say crime chiefs: Astonishing figures from UK's 'FBI' reveal that 'one in 35 men may be child abuser'

">One in 35 men pose a risk of being a child abuser, Government was warned,
>As many as 250,000 may be sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children,
>So many paedophiles [sic] that we are all living near one, top crime official says,
>Home Office Minister says this is a watershed moment for British society."

12:31, 21 June 2015 

Shocking new figures suggest over 250,000 men in Britain 'want sex with children' 

"The National Crime Agency's research found that as many as one in 35 men could be a potential sex abuser or have an interest in online child porn.

Almost one in every 35 men could pose a sexual risk to children, new figures suggest.

The research by the National Crime Agency found that as many as 3% of men could be a potential sex abuser or have an interest in online child porn.

The NCA's deputy director Phil Gormley told the Mail on Sunday that of those, as many as 250,000 men were "true paedophiles" - attracted to pre-pubescent girls under 12."

Published: 22:11, 20 June 2015 | Updated: 12:23, 21 June 2015

Horror of senior detective at discovering that 1 in 35 men is sexually attracted to children

Sunday 21 June 2015

National Crime Agency: Nearly 1 in every 35 men could be a sexual risk to children

Posted: June 21, 2015

Almost one in every 35 men could pose a sexual risk to children, survey suggests

Published: 21 June 2015; Updated: 09:30, 21 June 2015

One in 35 men 'poses sexual risk to children', shock study finds

21st, June 2015

One in 35 living British men is a paedophile say scaremongers

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2:21PM BST 22 Jun 2015

Terrifying headlines about paedophilia taint all men

"As the National Crime Agency says that three quarters of a million men in Britain may have a sexual interest in children, Martin Daubney says we must be careful to avoid a toxic narrative which paints all men as potential paedophiles."


Some 'historical' work, from Dr Oldfield ...

Physical Attraction, Based On Age Of Minor

Coherent Classification Of Human Sexuality - Age As Apex Variable

Clarification available by email


Scientific Evidence That Men Dig Barely Legal Chicks

Scientists have found that men DO NOT prefer maximally fertile women.


August 2, 2013

An Issue of Semantics? Reconsidering ‘Paedophilia’

"Once we understand these facts, and they are widely, openly, and fairly discussed within the popular media, we can begin to move forward with a pragmatic approach to child sex offending, and a sensible, proportional public response to match."


There Are, At The Very Least, 372 Million People, Sexually-Attracted To 'Kids', In The World - Are You One Of 'Them'?

No, Many More Are, Depending On What You Mean By 'Children'


Pedophile, Minor-Attracted Adult or Merely Human?

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