Thursday, 4 July 2013

Once a Corrupt C**t, Always A Corrupt C**t


Revealed: the Rupert Murdoch tape

""Incompetent" cops, regrets over his own investigation, promises to protect Sun journalists: a secret recording reveals Rupert Murdoch's real attitudes to the scandal that has engulfed his empire."

Rupert Murdoch: Listen to secret recording of media mogul telling staff his journalists were bribing officials

Labour MPs urge police to consider charging Murdoch after secret tape is released

Rupert Murdoch Bribery Admission Caught on Tape (Report)

Rupert Murdoch revealed - tape exposes the media mogul's real opinions

Question Rupert Murdoch over secret tape, urges MP

Why Rupert Murdoch tape was leaked - tearful journalists were angry

Rupert Murdoch secret tapes: News Corp defends head

News Corp defends Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch dismisses hacking as ‘next to nothing’

Rupert Murdoch attacks 'incompetent' police who arrested Sun journalists


Police investigate Rupert Murdoch over secret recording in which he suggests he knew about payments to public official

Police to investigate Rupert Murdoch's knowledge of bribes

Murdoch regrets 'overly emotional' taped comments

Probe on journos ‘appears excessive’ 

Rupert Murdoch complains to MPs over ‘excessive’ hacking inquiry

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