Wednesday, 24 July 2013

OK Richard, We Have Answers To All Your Straw Men And Confusions ...

Sunday, 21 July 2013

CSA Guidelines - An Open Question

"Dear Sir,

I have two queries relating to CSA (Child sexual Abuse) [no you do not, they, predominantly, relate to indecent images of children] which I would be very grateful if you could answer for me.

My first query is regarding Sex Offenders [sic] treatment programmes [sic] and length of sentences.

There seems to be a lot of cases recently where instead of receiving a custodial sentence, offenders are given a suspended sentence so that they can attend a sex offenders treatment programme. [yes, worse than prison, in many cases - don't forget the SOPOs] The reason given, nine out of ten times, is that the sentence that they would have been given would have been too short, with no hopes of starting such a programme. [yes] An example of this is given below ...

I am confused on two different things with this. [yes you are, and even more]

Firstly, these "sentences" [they are sentences] seem to be far too lenient [IYHO]. We are talking here about paedophiles [hardly ever], who by their nature have a healthy [sic, but thank you] interest in children, enough to either go online and look for these images of child sexual exploitation and child abuse/rape [but not all are such images, Richard, the minority, in fact], or to go out and physically abuse [sorry?]. By committing such crimes, getting caught and being sentenced, the guidelines as per the below ..."


... but, for now, we will see what the reply (if any) may be ... BTW, who is it to?

The OSC.

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