Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Paedophilia Is Not An Action, Richard - It Cannot Be Chosen, No More Than Your Sexuality May Be Chosen

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Paedophilia Is A Treatable Illness [sic]"

"These people need help, and they should be offered it before they seek out child pornography – or, even worse, act out their sick fantasies "

Ignoring the highly offensive language that this article contains, (again with the CP term!), this article I feel really needs a posting about it. There are some statements in here and the easiest way for me to write a post about it is to raise them individually - all points and views being my own of course, I speak here based on my own thoughts."

"Apologies for going off tangent towards the end and detracting from the article, but it is time we stop making excuses for paedophiles [sic] and their crimes [there are no 'paedophile crimes', only some very rare crimes, carried out by clinical paedophiles]. They alone are responsible for their actions [possibly, but, see the title], and thus they alone should pay the price for their actions [all illegal acts are prosecuted, by definition]. No-one has a gun to their head telling them to abuse children or download indecent images [not quite a gun, at times, no]. They choose. [but, that is not what a Paedophile is, Richard

"How long before your taxes are being paid to these "poor" paedophiles who are afflicted with their "disability / mental illness" by way of benefits? [they are, already, Richard ... do you have a problem supporting the disabled?]

How long before LGBT has another letter added to it - P? [relatively soon, we believe] The more that society tries to reclassify this crime as a "disorder", the more that society accepts this as an "illness", the nearer this day will come. Mark my words. [no, quite the opposite ... it is when it is totally-demedicalised (just like homosexuality was, etc), that time will come, as it was before.]"

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