Wednesday, 17 July 2013

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17. Jul. 2013. – 12:00:48


"The numerous revelations of the last year or so about the dishonesty in one form or another within police forces and their supervision in this country is a cause of concern for everyone.

The fact that it is at senior levels where much of the blame lies is more than just a cause for concern; it is another failure of one of the pillars which underpin the way this country functions.

It could be argued that the greater effectiveness of the press has contributed to our being aware of the scandals past and currently unfolding. That in turn allows us to be very wary of those who have been insisting that the free press must be muzzled into grunting in place of barking. [oh, what a tangled web]"

"Some time ago sitting with a colleague and a judge at our local crown court we had an appeal on a motoring case which hinged for the CPS on the acceptance of evidence of a single police officer. Factually there seemed to be no reason to doubt the constable`s evidence. The judge, for his part, was quite clear in his opinion; the officer`s evidence was just too tidy. He had missed nothing, noted everything and was altogether a perfect witness. But for HH he was just too perfect. My colleague agreed and we held the appeal.

The simple question is that if we are finding out there is a smell even from the top of the barrel which is being wafted away can we complain if the rot goes right down to the bottom of the pile."


Forensic science graduate has been stopped 70 TIMES by police 'after splitting from her PC lover'

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