Monday, 1 July 2013


Published: 8 hrs ago

John’s watched 25 clips of baby torture [sic] before lunchbreak

"Sun meets team taking on web perverts [offensive and inflammatory]

Sleuth [sic] ... Sarah, who traces victims of sick [sic] videos, with a Banksy mural on wall of the charity's hotline room

WHEN John Ridley turned up for his job interview, he was asked to sit down at a neat desk and watch footage of children being forced [sic] to perform sex acts with animals [cannot have been much to look at].

It is an unbelievably harrowing way to find staff but the Internet Watch Foundation must be sure the people they hire to shut down sick websites can cope [sic] with what they will see.

Former video games designer John, 29, passed the test two months ago. He is now one of the charity’s content analysts, uncovering vile [sic] content and clues to identify and save victims [hahahahaha].

This morning alone, before his lunchbreak, he has watched 25 clips of babies being tortured [liars] and appalling scenes of missing schoolgirls crying out for their mums and dads as they are imprisoned by perverts [liars]."

"Child abuse [sic] is big business [liars] and its profitability has attracted not just paedophiles [sic] but international gangs eager to cash in [liars].

Six-month subscriptions to some paedophile [sic] sites cost from £2,000 and £5,000. [liars]"

"Sarah said: “A single exclusive photo of a ‘new’ child being abused can fetch £200. The lesser known the victim, the higher the value they have. [liar]”"


Graeme Culliford


You are liars.


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