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Hahahahahaha - Microsoft, You Bandwagon-Jumping, Money-Grabbing, Charlatans (We Already Know CEOP Are)

The pop-up warning which almost never shows up on the search engine (it is also incorrect)

27/07/2013 11:15

Bing to introduce child porn 'pop-up' alert

"Searching for child porn online will trigger pop-up alert in Microsoft's Bing search engine."

3:04pm UK, Saturday 27 July 2013

Microsoft Introduces UK Child Abuse Warning

"The PC giant's Bing search engine becomes the first to launch an online warning system for anyone searching for illegal images."

Microsoft launches child abuse warning on Bing

Bing tackles 'scourge of online child abuse content'

Bing introduces child abuse warning

Microsoft's Bing introduces first child abuse search warning pop-up

Microsoft Introduces Pop-Up Warning For Illegal Child Abuse Images On Bing Search Engine

Microsoft's Bing introduces child abuse search pop-ups

Microsoft introduces child abuse pop-up warnings

Microsoft search engine Bing first to introduce pop-up warning on sites containing illegal images

Bing introduces pop-up warning people they are searching for child porn

Microsoft introduces child abuse search pop-up warnings

Bing introduces child abuse warning

Bing now provides pop-up warnings for child abuse searches in the UK

2:01pm, Sat 27 Jul 2013: Last updated Sat 27 Jul 2013

Bing child abuse warning

"Ceop welcomes Bing child abuse content warning

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) has welcomed Microsoft's decision to launch a child abuse content warning message on the Bing search engine.

"This is a positive step in the right direction to deterring potential offenders from accessing indecent images of children on the internet."

"While the Bing project isn’t the whole solution, I hope it goes some way to making those who are curious about searching for indecent images think again."

– Andy Baker, deputy chief executive [Deputy SFB] of Ceop

"As part of our day-to-day work at CEOP we monitor the behaviour [sic] of offenders [sic], including how they search for indecent images and the kind of language they use, which puts us in a good position [arf] to provide industry with a list of search terms as also outlined by the Prime Minister in his speech on Tuesday."

"Ceop acknowledged its “blacklist” could not include every search term that might lead to images of abuse."

Cambridge charity welcomes internet pornography crackdown 



In the interest of child and adult protection, we look forward to the wonderful shield, from CEOP/Microsoft.

If it works, there will be no links, that we need to be afraid of accessing (for they will already have been blocked - no?); let's see if we can get a warning (images turned off, of course).

Search terms (some edited (here), for care - moderate safesearch settings; this seemed to make no difference, to the 'pop-up' issue) ...

cp - nope
illegal - nope
preteen - nope
underage - nope
kiddy - nope
kiddie porn - yay !!!
kiddy porn - yay !!!
child - nope
child model - nope
pipe-to-pipe bushman - nope
7 year old - nope
12 year old girl - nope
illegal child abuse content - nope
indecent image of a child - nope
child abuse material - nope
child abuse images - nope
child porn - nope
child porn vid - nope
child porn video - nope
child porn pics - nope
childlover - nope
Sandra - nope
Kingpass - nope
two pin din plug - nope
naked kid - nope
pics of naked kids - nope
bathtime - nope
girl and father - nope
girl and dad - nope
girl sucks dad - nope
boy sucks dad - nope 
incest - nope
family fun - nope
chimney bottler - nope
butterfly kisses - nope
lolita - nope
lolitasex - nope
sexy kids - nope 
baby rape - nope
kid rape - nope
Jenny - nope
slot badger - nope
toddler f**k - nope
kid f**k - yay !!!
f**k the kids - nope
f**king kids - nope
baby f**k - nope
babyj - nope
small bean regarder - nope
hussey - nope
hussy - nope
hussyfan - nope
virginz - nope
bent ref - nope
pthc - yay !!!
ptsc - yay !!!
fence vole - nope
pre teen hard core - nope
sex with kids - nope
unabummer - nope
vicky child porn - nope
vicky bondage - nope
vicky dad - nope
vicky salty milk - nope
vicky salt milk - nope
rock spider - nope 
babyshi - nope
babyshivid - nope
free willy - nope
R@ygold - yay !!! (see below)
bush dodger - nope
LS Studio - nope
Eternal Nymphets - nope
Home Lolita - nope
Magic Lolita - nope
Ukrainian Angels - nope
nut administrator - nope
asparagus - nope
girllove - nope
boylove - nope
bunty man - nope
pedo - nope
pedobear - nope
pedopics - nope
paedopics - nope
shrub rocketeer - nope

Bing @22:17- all terms available, from on(off)line, legitimate, sources - many official.

We got fed up - got the list, please, CEOP?

"A Microsoft spokesman [salesperson] said: "If someone in the UK tries to use search terms on Bing which can only indicate they are looking for illegal child abuse content [we tried quite hard - images off, of course], they will activate the Bing Notification Platform which will produce an on-screen notification telling them that child abuse content is illegal. [incorrect]"

"The Bing Notification Platform is triggered by search terms on a list provided by the The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), Microsoft said."

Oh dear ... the BNP !!! 

Jim, FFS, get on the case !!! 



Addendum (16:28)

Now the myth becomes dominant narrative ['News Corporation'] ...

Last updated at 12:01AM, July 27 2013

Pressure on Google over child abuse warnings

"Google doesn't believe on-screen warnings will stop determined paedophiles [sic]

Google is under pressure to do more to tackle child sex abuse images online, after its biggest rivals promised prominent on-screen warnings to help to stop “vile” searches.

From today, Microsoft said that pop-up alerts would appear when people enter sensitive terms [?] into its search engine, Bing.

Yahoo! pledged to do the same within weeks. The unprecedented move was welcomed by campaigners and law enforcement officials ..."

Pressure on Google over child sex abuse


Addendum (21:33)

"R@ygold"- don't miss the warning, now


28 Jul 2013 05:30

The Dark Net: The vast hidden web which makes a mockery of David Cameron's focus on Google in bid to stamp out online child abuse 

“It seems bizarre that they claim they are creating a system designed to prevent child [abuse] that will only find child [abuse] that is out in the open,” said Mr Clarke.

“There is no child [abuse] out in the open.

“If there was, these people would be going to jail very quickly.”

The square brackets are not the OSC's
- they edited out 'porn', for you.

28 Jul 2013 00:01 

Internet survey reveals more Brits visit porn websites than use Facebook or Twitter 

“It is astonishing that adult sites are more popular in the UK than all social networks combined.”

"Global search engine Bing, owned by Microsoft, yesterday launched a new pop-up alert aimed at tackling those trying to access child abuse material.

Available only in Britain, the new notice will read: “Warning! Child abuse material is illegal. [incorrect]”

It will activate when web users type words and terms contained on a list created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Yahoo! have plans to begin a similar system within weeks but Google oppose the move, saying the prompts will not deter paedophiles. [sic]"


A Blacklist for Websites Backfires in Australia

Dentist's website on leaked blacklist


Google rejects new alert system that can stop [sic] online paedophiles [sic] by telling them their criminal activity [sic] can be tracked when they search for certain terms

Google rejects alert that could stop [sic] online pedophiles [sic]

Google has 'zero tolerance attitude' to abuse images

How do Child Abusers use the Internet to find material & is 50,000 offenders a small number?,000%20offenders%20a%20small%20number%3F


Russia To Ban Swearing On The Internet

Russia Plans Internet Censorship Bill (For The Children!); Russian Wikipedia Blacks Out In Protest

Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards


Posted Friday, Aug. 2, 2013, at 11:43 AM 

Sex, Violence, and Autocomplete Algorithms

Sex, Violence, and Autocomplete Algorithms: Methods and Context


Exposed: the shocking flaws in TalkTalk's porn filter


Do you like children in ways you shouldn't? [pardon?]

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