Thursday, 11 July 2013

We Will Be Waiting, Right Here

Wednesday 10 July 2013 14.05 BST

Removed: Child sex abuse online [sic]: the people who watch it to remove it

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This content has been removed because it was launched too early by mistake. It will be reinstated at its correct launch time."


Child sexual abuse charity [sic] CEO: it’s time to review, refocus and make a change


Now Up ...

"Peter Burness spent four years as a computer games tester ("It got very monotonous," he says) before joining the charity this year. "They tell you what it will entail. I am quite a calm person," he says, but he was nevertheless shocked by the images he saw during his interview process. "One of the main reasons was how happy the children looked. It was very strange.""

Only to those in denial.

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