Thursday, 11 July 2013

it Is Our Human Rights, You Idiots

9 July 2013 Last updated at 15:19

Killers' life terms 'breach their human rights'

"The appeal was brought by three killers - Jeremy Bamber (L), Douglas Vinter (C) and Peter Moore

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled the whole-life tariffs given to murderer Jeremy Bamber and two other killers breached their human rights.

The judges ruled by 16 to one there had to be a review of the sentence and the possibility of a release.

But they said this did not mean there was "any prospect of imminent release". [no shit]"

Whole-life jail terms without review breach human rights - European court

Life in jail for killers is a ‘breach of their human rights’

Victory for evil


Whole life terms breach human rights


We must not withdraw from the European convention on human rights

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