Sunday, 21 July 2013

Such As It Is

Monday June 17 2013

Unrelenting attacks on creative freedom

"The new censorship typifed by the Paul Yore child pornography accusation is a symptom of the lack of respect for cultural freedom and creative expression, also felt by musicians.

Yore's works, including an installation Everything’s Fucked featuring a young Justin Bieber directly above a urinating dildo, were seized by Police at Linden Contemporary Arts Centre last week following a complaint that they constituted child pornography.

Child pornography as defined the Crimes Act involves a process of documentation involving the sexual exploitation of minors Yore's work a collage of found objects and the interpretation of the work, whether pornographic or not, is by the viewer."

Porn or moral panic? Modern art's quandary

Art involving 'obscene' Justin Bieber collage triggers possible charges for Melbourne aritist Paul Yore


Porn man argues 'freedom of speech'

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