Monday, 22 July 2013

Jim Killock - Seems To Forget What Human And Civil Rights Actually Mean, Even Though He Pretends To

Jim Killock Plays It Diplomatically

"You don't want to criminalise people, unnecessarily ... you got be careful, when you criminalise people, if they're not doing harm to, to anyone else."

"Child abuse images [sic] ... which, we all [sic] agree, should be illegal, are illegal and must be combated."

Which one is it, Jim?


David Cameron is issuing bad advice to parents 

Jim Killock, Executive Director

"Since joining Open Rights Group in January 2009, Jim has led campaigns against three strikes and the Digital Economy Act, the company Phorm and its plans to snoop on UK users, and against pervasive government Internet surveillance. He is working on data protection and privacy issues, as well as helping ORG to grow in size and breadth. He was named as one of the 50 most influential people on IP issues by Managing IP in 2012. In the same year ORG won Liberty's Human Rights Campaigner of Year award alongside 38 Degrees, for work on issues from copyright to the Snooper’s Charter."

Jim Killock

Open Rights Group 


What do you think all this is really about (and always has been), Jim?


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