Thursday, 9 May 2013

Love Hurts

May 9, 2013 - 7:02AM

Child sex offender tells of struggle with temptation

"On Wednesday Pendleton's lawyer David McKenzie challenged Cs' intention to reoffend after undergoing two sex offender rehabilitation programs in prison, arguing the plan to build a new life in South East Asian had been a innocent one.

"Really it was your intention whilst you were in custody to not offend against children," Mr McKenzie said, to which C responded, "That was my hope, that I would be able to do that."

"It's one thing to come out of the program with a strong motivation," he said.

"But as things change, I found out (ex-wife) wanted a divorce, my mother died, I was losing what I saw as a normal life on the outside and old habits were starting to re-emerge."

Mr McKenzie said C was to testifying against the other two men to carry out his end of a plea bargain, but had not really intended to offend.

"You wanted to live the lifestyle over there, you wanted to have relationships with women over there, you wanted to run a business over there," Mr McKenzie said.

C said the lifestyle was only "part of the plan", while the opportunity to offend against children was also included in the trio's designs.

"There were some times I felt I was going to offend again and other times when I thought I didn't," he said.

"When depressed it's easy to go back to a comfort zone, which I felt at that time was offending.

"Thinking about children, interacting with them, looking at their photos, did bring me closer to wanting to offend.

"It's something that comes and goes, depression, what goes on around me, whether I feel strong enough not to offend.""

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