Saturday, 16 March 2013

And For Non-Idiots, With Integrity, Too

March 14, 2013


"It should not surprise anyone, as the whole posthumous Jimmy Savile scandal, is – as discovered by Anna Raccoon – a conspiracy of epic proportions, were dissenting voices are arrested, vilified or – for those like Anna, the wrong sex and the wrong intellect – completely ignored despite being in possession of evidence that disputes and casts a cloud against dubious stories now, no matter how absurd, taken as gospel by a public overrun with false media reports.

The scandal was based around lies broadcast on a shoddy ITV shockumentary, and the grew legs by the fact that allegations could be made by anyone – however fanciful – and never challenged.

The sort of things dreams are made of if you’re a hand-wringing shifty former detective trying to make a name for himself on ITV, a disgraced “news”paper looking to increase crashing circulation and deflect your own much-publicised moral failings or simply a trash chat show looking for rubbish to talk about."

Savile revelations must be seen in perspective

A personal reflection on the ‘Jimmy Savile affair’

Beasts [offensive and inflammatory] must be pursued to the very end


Edinburgh Festival outrage at Jimmy Savile: The Musical

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