Tuesday, 19 March 2013


10:08AM GMT 19 Mar 2013  

Sex abuse victims bring it upon themselves, Bill Roache claims

"Coronation Street star Bill Roache has provoked fury by claiming that the victims of sexual abuse bring it upon themselves.

Cornonation Street star Bill Roache has admitted sleeping with up to 1,000 women. Bill Roache, pictured as Ken Barlow in Coronation Street flanked by his on-screen partner Anne Kirkbride who plays Deirdre, made the claims in a interview for New Zealand TV

In a controversial interview the 80-year-old claimed that they are being punished because of what they have done in previous lives.

He also seemed to defend famous men who are "trapped" by underage groupies.

The star, who has played strait-laced Ken Barlow in the ITV soap for more than 50 years, told New Zealand's One News that the public should not be judgmental but be "totally forgiving" of people who have committed child sex crimes."


Coronation Street star Bill Roache apologises for claiming sex abuse victims bring it on themselves 


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