Friday, 29 March 2013

John Ward Finally Shows His True Colours

John Ward - Talking Offensive and Dangerous Bollocks In 4D

We had to wait a little time ...
"I have only ever interviewed three convicted paedophiles [sic - please name them, John]. You have to have done this to realise what we ['we'? John, are you, somehow, special?] are dealing with here.

Child molesters [ah, not Paedophiles, then, John] tend [sic] to have no remorse about their activities [incorrect, some do not, same for any type of offender]. They shun attempts at redemption [incorrect, some do not, same for any type of offender], and as yet no system or method of curing [there is no disease, John] their delusional [incorrect] illness [there may be a 'disorder', but, that is not what you mean, is it, John?] has been found. [there is no disease, John, do not hold your breath on that one - then again, perhaps you should ;)]

Paedophiles [sic] believe that they are right and we are wrong [about what John? ... but, then, such are moral decisions], and that the children usually [sic] enjoy the sexual activity [like any activity, it ranges from glorious pleasure, through ambivalence, to disgust - such are human beings].

Having seen pictures of abuse given to me by helpful police [!?  - perhaps you would like to share their identities, John?] in the past (and the ordinary ranks are full of disgusted and dedicated coppers) I can assure you that only a seriously deranged mind* [sic] could believe the children enjoy it [ah, because, the cherry-picked images, you were shown, are representative of most images (and most experiences), right, John?].

The rate of suicide before the age of 35 among abuse victims is horrendous [we are sure, if it exists, you can point us to any evidence (we know you cannot provide proof) of a causal connection - can you John?]

Paedophiles [sic] are usually sadistic sexual psychopaths [offensively incorrect, a tiny minority are, same for any type of offender], and they destroy lives wherever they go. [we are sure, if it exists, you can point us to any evidence (we know you cannot provide proof) of a causal connection - can you John?]

Establishments throughout the world need to be shaken very hard [how does that work, John?], and made [?] to realise that those they protect [who, John?] are – at least indirectly – killers [now you are just ranting, John]. Some senior Conservative and Labour politicians are, right now, accessories to murder. [ditto]

As long as we in Britain fail to deal with this [with what, John?] ruthlessly and without favour [oh dear, sounds like a cull], we have no right to use the term ‘civilised’ about ourselves."[so, what are your detailed recommendations, John?]

We will direct John to this thread, of course, but, we expect that he will fail to allow our blog reply; such are the ignorant and dangerous, moral entrepreneuristic zealots.

Always best to out them, though.



* Underage and Having Sex - July 2010

"Around one in three British young people will lose their virginity before their 16th birthday. Underage and Having Sex offers a frank and uncensored young person's view of one of Britain's most controversial dilemmas."

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