Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Better Than That, Ms Payne ...


We should like to know  ...

(1) Who the 'Two #Stalkers' are? - name them, if you know who they are,

(2) What was the nature of this 'emotional torment'? Please be clear about the context and details (bear in mind, it could well be archived),

(3) What did '@EssexPoliceUK' do to 'stop' them'? In what way were they 'stopped'?

(4) Why are you exploiting the death of a young boy, unrelated to your other gibberish issues?

We should appreciate detailed answers (email, top right), not just a slew of weasel words/disinformational tweets.

When you are ready. Thank you.


Addendum (31/3/13)

You are doing it again, Ms Payne ...


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