Monday, 25 March 2013

The Castles Built On Sand Continue To Tumble

5:52 p.m. EDT, March 22, 2013

Task force: Sex offender restrictions pointless

"Harsh local restrictions on where sex offenders can live should be lifted, the Palm Beach County public defender said.

And prosecutors and law enforcement agreed.

Their consensus is a turn in the way safety officials think about regulating the movements of the most restricted class of ex-convicts. Dozens of sex offenders are homeless in Palm Beach County, sleeping outside on benches or under foliage, because living nowhere is easier than living somewhere.

Meanwhile, more than 100 sex offenders populate a remote cluster of duplexes, surrounded by sugar cane, two miles outside Pahokee. Known as Miracle Village, it is perhaps the most welcoming community for sex offenders in South Florida.

"Any laws about public safety should be grounded in evidence-based policies, not by hysteria and misinformation," said Gail Colletta, president of the Florida Action Committee, which lobbies for restrictions that are based on the risk posed by each offender.",0,1137196.story

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