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OK Babs, We Tried, And You Were Given Far Too Many Chances ...

Barbara Richards, aka, Zoompad
(probably the most unchristian Christian on the WWW)


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Manufacturing monsters by re-inventing the past

"An attempt to smear the life of one of our dedicated activists includes a false allegation, which fortunately happens to be preposterous. But are not so many false allegations preposterous? Because we are not going to spread the false allegation, the name of the one slandered has been changed to John Brown.

On March 8, 2013, Zoompad posted this on the forum of The Slog.

John Brown a former Scout leader and worker in a children’s home was jailed for 18 years for committing 16 sexual assaults on young boys in the 1970s. You would not know it from the extract in that book though, Brian Rothery makes him out to be a victim of injustice!

John Brown was in his early Forties when I first met him in 2006. His photo is published for that year. His tragic death was in 2012, six years later. If the events above were true, and they may have been for some other John Brown, he would have been a scout leader and worker in a children’s home between the ages of 6 and 16 in the 1970s. If it took a year or two for his crimes to be accounted for and he was jailed in 1982 he would have been out in 2000, just in time to be wrongfully arrested under Ore. Unfortunately for this narrative, John had a life and a profession long before that. His was one of the very few Ore cases that the police agreed should not have resulted in an arrest.

If John was still alive, he would have grounds for a serious defamation case against the poster and the publisher of the forum. Witness what has happened to recent posters in this respect. Indeed his family if they have heard about it must be very distressed and they have the means to take action. His story is already before the court in Strasbourg and this latest outrageous invention will be used to further the case of the damage done to reputations resulting from the reckless Ore raids.

But Zoompad and the Slog do us one service. If they can create a life and a non-existent past for John, they may also be doing this for many of the other horrors they describe. The Slog editor, however, should be aware that publishing such obvious libel is making the legislators re-consider the situation about libeling the dead."


We will name the scurrilously-defamed victim, of the, unfortunately, deranged and deluded, Barbara Richards.

That is how Dave would have wanted it.

Now, Barbara, let's carry out a little 'research', shall we ...


Friday, December 12, 1997 Published at 19:48 GMT

Former scoutmaster jailed for sex attacks

"A former scoutmaster and youth worker, David Stanley, from Telford in Shropshire, has been jailed for 18 years for a series of sexual attacks on young boys in his care."

Saturday 13 December 1997

18 years' jail for sex abuse scoutmaster gets 18 years for Paedophile

13th December 1997 - The Times (London)

Police faked car crash to trap paedophile

1999 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd

Scout leader's appeal over sexual convictions fails

"A former Scout leader and care worker jailed for 18 years for sexual offences against young boys and possession of pornographic photographs had his convictions upheld at the Appeal Court.

But 50-year-old David Stanley's sentence was reduced to 16 years." 


Barbara, are you claiming, that the person described and shown above, is the same David Stanley,  which you refer to, in the book by Brian Rothery?

Please do email us (top right), or state your position, in the Slog thread (here is a clue, when was our David Stanley arrested (incorrectly), under Operation Ore?)


March 8, 2013 · 9:02 am 

PAEDOPHILIA: How one piece of news can kill a novel

(comments, within)


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More to follow, on Ms Barbara Richards.


A post was made (15-16/3/13), to the Slog thread (blog owned by John Ward),  by us, pointing to this thread. At this time, it has been moderated into oblivion.

John Ward

LAST UPDATED AT 15:01 ON Mon 28 Sep 2009

Blogger Ward says he has every right to ask if Brown is on anti-depressants

Barbara's Story



Addendum (17/3/13)

Sunday, 17 March 2013


"I am so worn out now. I feel utterly powerless. I feel utterly utterly betrayed, see the post below.

I am going to just do a craft blog, just sewing knitting and other nice stuff, I can't fight the paedos any more, they are too strong. The Lord is letting the paedos have all this power, if the Lord lets them do all this what can a little speck of nothing like me do about it? [fair point]"



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