Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nothing Like An Ex-Smoker


Supreme Court of Canada: stop sanctioning hate against Minor-Attracted People

"The Supreme Court of Canada, in a recent ruling about hate speech against gays and lesbians, has in effect sanctioned hate against minor-attracted persons (MAPs). It calls them “a traditionally reviled group in society” and says that merely comparing gays to “pedophiles” constitutes one of “the ‘hallmarks’ of hatred identified in (prior) case law.”

This shocking display of state menace was part of a judgment given in late February in the case of Bill Whatcott, an eccentric far-right Christian activist from Weyburn, Saskatchewan. As the judgment says, outlining the background of the case ..."

"Supreme Court of Canada: you know, justices, and have always known, that not all pedophiles are lawbreakers. Your decisions and statements implying otherwise are political pandering, completely in contradiction with the basic principles of justice and the intentions of the Canadian Charter of Rights. Stop the hatred now. Your law-abiding minor-attracted citizens deserve a Supreme Court with a conscience."


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