Wednesday, 13 March 2013

SuperTwonk Returns

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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Jimmy Savile investigator offers to help round up 1980s paedophile
[sic] ring

"Mark Williams-Thomas, the child protection expert [sic] who exposed [lied about] Jimmy Savile, has offered to help catch an alleged establishment paedophile [sic] ring that used its connections to escape justice decades ago.

The former police officer – who researched and presented ITV’s documentary on the dark side [alleged] of the BBC star – said that victims reluctant to report the abuse they experienced at Elm Guest House in London could contact him directly. Mr Williams-Thomas said he would consider making a documentary about the case if a new police inquiry, Operation Fernbridge, turned out to be unsuccessful.

He stressed that he had “100 per cent faith” in the inquiry into claims that children in care were abused at the property in Rocks Lane, Barnes, in the early 1980s by powerful figures from across public life."

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