Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lydia Does Not Yet Fancy The Idea Of Penises

 Oh Lydia, Lydia ... education scars you for life - how odd.

PUBLISHED: 00:36, 30 March 2013 | UPDATED: 00:36, 30 March 2013

Children of 12 exposed to explicit conversations on webcam chat sites

">Up to [?] 50 per cents [sic] of live video streams on chat sites contain porn.
>Most internet porn filters do not block online chat rooms.

Children as young as 12 are being subjected [sic] to obscene images and explicit conversations on free video chat websites, child safety [sic] experts [sic] warn.

The Daily Mail found up to [?] 50 per cent of the live video streams on these websites contain nudity or graphic acts.

Parents are often unaware of this danger [sic] in their own homes because most internet filters fail to block the sites."


Maybe Lydia never will.
Maybe Lydia is a (proto)lesbian.
Maybe Lydia is a bit of a wimp, who needs to shape up or ship out.
Maybe the story, as given, is BS.
Maybe, in essence, Psychotherapy is BS.
What are facts, is that there is no danger, no harm, no trauma ... only learning, some frowns and giggles, and, maybe, a few orgasms (if, perhaps, a little one-sided).

There are many more possibilities, than Omegle, Streamberry and ChatRandom ... and, guess what? .... the kids choose to go and watch and play.

Such are the glorious wonders of the internet; now time to repeal some laws.

If you do not like it, control your childrens' access to adult domains .... and make a few more Lydias, in doing so.



Sunday 31 March 201

The day my 11-year-old son found violent porn on the web

"Children have always found ways to discover the world on their own and that’s essential and it’s important that adults don’t interfere with that discovery and self-education ..."

Sunday 31 March 2013 

Editorial: Child pornography [article nothing to do with IIOC] is a menace [sic] the law can't prevent 

"However unpopular it makes them, parents have to be vigilant – intrusive even – about what information their children are sharing with others.

They have to get tough in insisting on the constant use of strict filters on smartphones and computers.

For the most part children are several steps ahead of adults in computer technology, so monitoring what children are looking at is always going to be hard.

The unpalatable alternative is just to give up, and abandon the hope that we can make more of a collective effort to protect children from this insidious menace [sic]." 


April 2013

Parenting and Pornography

"As pornography becomes more available to youngsters through the internet and mobiles, Mariella Frostrup and guests discuss how we can best equip the next generation to deal with it.

Reports show that the numbers of children accessing explicit sexual images are growing. There's increasing concern that youngsters who watch pornography regularly may be tempted to act out scenes of abuse on other children, and that many kids' ideas about relationships and bodies are being affected by the images they are watching."

Should we Make Love Not Porn to improve sex education for children?

Make Love Not Porn

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