Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Golden Age Of Victimhood Has Peaked

March 13, 2013

From Stiff Upper Lip to Wobbly Lower Lip in One Generation

"So it is the perpetrators of victimhood, or the holders of that esteemed office, who are key to our new found emotive behaviour. The idea that ‘victimhood’ was to be the prime mover in society can be dated very firmly to the days of New Labour ideology. Jack Straw’s Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act in 1999 established that no longer were our courts objective arbiters of fact where accuser and alleged perpetrator stood face to face; now some victims were too frail, too victimised, too traumatised to be expected to ever set eyes on the author of their misfortune again. The jury must of necessity be influenced by the sight of the witness shielded by curtains from having to set eyes on the suspect again – ‘it’ must have happened, look! they cannot even bear to see them again. Objectivity was taking flight from British justice. No longer just weighing impartial facts, but witnessing the victim’s pain."

"Subjective justice is complete now, the victims go straight to the TV stations, having self-identified their selected niche victimhood, bypassing the police; the public en masse pronounce guilt based on their emotive reaction to the victims ’story’, bypassing the courts; God help them if their bottom lip doesn’t wobble sufficiently, they’ll get no justice, may even wind up being accused of the crime themselves."

29 March 2013 Last updated at 19:50

Victims' Code criticised by watchdog

"The ombudsman said a code for victims that was not being followed was "of little use"

Victims of crime are being put under extreme duress, leading to injustices, due to a lack of awareness of the Victims' Code by those working in the justice system, a watchdog has warned.

Parliamentary Ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor said investigation of complaints had exposed a lack of understanding.

It came as ministers unveiled plans to revamp the code, which tells people what to expect when reporting a crime.

Victims' minister Helen Grant said "getting this right" was a priority."

Victims betrayed

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